A frizzy-haired, pink-cheeked outcast named Spork navigates her way through the annals of junior high.

From writer-director J.B. Ghuman Jr. comes the colorful and foul-mouthed feature musical comedy Spork, a film about a frizzy-haired, pink-cheeked outcast named Spork who is trying to navigate her way through the annals of junior high. When a school dance show provides a chance for Spork to show up a mean girls gang, her trailer-park neighbor steps up to coach her with some booty-poppin moves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliabeth M (gb) wrote: Fill the Void relata la historia de Shira, una joven que se encuentra en un predicamento dictado por su religin y costumbres. Lo especial de esta pelcula es que es sutil pero llena de conflictos internos y donde cada accin conlleva a una consecuencia enorme. Me sorprendi lo fiel que es a todo el ambiente donde se desarrolla, y todos los personajes tambin. Cada uno tiene sus propias opiniones y peso en la historia. Shira personifica la inocencia, y la decisin que le toca tomar va ms all de sus aos, y de sus posibilidades, y durante toda la pelcula presenciamos su batalla interna donde debe decidir si contraer matrimonio con Yochay para no decepcionar a su familia, ya que al fin y al cabo es lo ms conveniente. Los momentos ntimos entre Shira y Yochay, donde los silencios dicen ms que mil palabras, son totalmente realistas y son un placer de presenciar. Slo con una mirada se puede sentir el gran peso que tienen encima. Es difcil de comprender toda la situacin en un mundo donde poco a poco se van perdiendo las tradiciones, y unos pocos, incluyendo la sociedad juda ortodoxa, an cumplen con las mismas costumbres desde hace miles de aos, pero si se puede simpatizar con el dilema que atraviesan todos, y no hay lugar para juicios o crticas. Fill the Void no se apresura a responder todo, ni siquiera el desenlace tiene una respuesta satisfactoria, pero de lo nico que podemos estar seguros es que a Shira y a Yochai les queda un largo camino que recorrer.

Jerry C (mx) wrote: An average little horrorflick about a killergroupie, directed by veteran Mark L. Lester (Commando). Made in 2009, this movie has a charming eighties-feel.

Tim M (ca) wrote: Amazing sequel. Don pulls the ultimate heist.

Jose d (mx) wrote: Even though it's a bad movie, it followed the story from the first one. not so bad for the low budget film... but still the first one is ten times better.

Kyle K (de) wrote: black... always good for a laugh about how we're getting screwed.

Ethel Buang M (kr) wrote: A typical movie but its a good night out with some friends

Bruce G (br) wrote: liked it a lot. A fun entertaining movie

Kevin L (br) wrote: Jurassic Park's John Hammond comes along to do a controversial drama centered on the apartheid of South Africa. Both stars delivered

Charles P (jp) wrote: With the way this film goes, it's surprising that our bumbling boob Tono isn't constantly downing booze. Well, he kind of is, poor bastard.

Adam R (br) wrote: It seems improbable that a nuanced biopic of Adolf Hitler will ever materialize, at least within this lifetime. To be fair, the wounds from the Third Reich are still fresh, which means that any attempt at even-handedness seems doomed to incur the wrath of the politically correct and the uber-sensitive.However, "Hitler" (1962) will never be remembered as the definitive biography of one of the world's most infamous dictators. Nor should it be: "Hitler" is a dismissive, denigrating picture. How can we ever hope to understand the past when filmmakers are content to succumb to hyperbole and psycho-sexual cop-outs in telling such an important story?

Lis O (br) wrote: Pretty predictable story but watchable. A few moments where you know there's going to be something jump out and scare you.

Ben R (kr) wrote: Good cheesy horror comedy...not to be taken seriously at all.

Zachary M (ag) wrote: Let me say, the first forty five minutes of this film, is some of my favorite bits of film in history. Cutting there and it would have been the absolute best short film ever made. Then the second half happens. Now it's not bad, the last ten minutes are just as griping as the first forty five, but I have never been too invested in the bits between then. I still completely recommend this film to anyone who loves films and filmmaking, but that little bit is enough to keep me from giving it a higher place up there in the pantheon of cinema.

Kerby H (jp) wrote: William Hurt definitely was good. He played the flamboyant character well, and his performance was Oscar worthy.

Jordan R M (ca) wrote: Very well done historical film, as HBO usually does. Pierce and Washington were not bad. I only know the basics of the story, but it was interesting to see the background stuff. Probably dragged out a little, but not bad.