Rachel's life will never be the same: after being abducted, and forced into the world of high stakes betting, Rachel must decide to play, or be played. Could you inflict pain on another in order to survive? From director Craig McMahon (Machined) comes a look into the gentlemen's club SportKill.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Rachel's life will never be the same: after being abducted, and forced into the world of high stakes betting, Rachel must decide to play, or be played. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Sportkill torrent reviews

Joanne M (jp) wrote: Trailer looked good, movie better than the trailer (and better than I thought!). Nice twists as the movie progressed and at the end. Really good movie!

Amanda G (au) wrote: I always have a hard time with water movies because I find myself holding my breath without trying.

Maria T (gb) wrote: The movie is about a broken relationship.The silence make me bored..It follows the cliche "men are assholes and women sweet and easily broken".The only thing that saves this movie is the breath taking scenery!

Kylie B (jp) wrote: It's as if the makers of this film read a horror textbook, and then attempted to distil it, there's so many horror clichs; the abandoned hospital/asylum, selective amnesia in victims, a faceless, shapeless monster, people who disbelieve what others say they see because "it's crazy" despite the improbability of the original situation, doors that won't open until the last minute, copious blood with no bodies.. I could go on. But does the inclusion of those things make this a bad horror film? No. In fact, some of them could've made it a very good film. Instead, it's things like the writing and dialogue which makes this a bad film. The characters have up to three personality traits each; Amber is both crazy and horny (she's a nymphomaniac, you know), the Blalock character is both bossy and caring, and both of the black guys are violent, with one also being sexist and a right asshole (and the other dying too quickly for us to gauge anything else). This perhaps explains why some of them sometimes feel the need to state the obvious in the most obvious way possible. The actual plot as it unfolds isn't much better, it's pretty dull - but it could've worked better even without a major re-write if the characters had only been a bit more realistic and less like cardboard cut outs trying (and failing) to represent a 'cross-section' of society.

Tanner S (fr) wrote: That is so delightful. It does like Disney Renaissance.

Mike O (fr) wrote: He makes me very sad.

Jose M (nl) wrote: I saw the Money Train a while back and I was unimpressed and bored as I figured out the writer and director(TM)s true intention: a hit action-buddy film. There is really no point in the story other than me not caring as I just watched and twitching for the ending. It(TM)s hampered by a numerous clich (C)s, bad acting, and swears. Yes swears, however, there aren(TM)t a lot of F-bombs as I originally believed. I wanted more F-bombs in the film, so I can fall back on something complain. The film(TM)s only value is Chris Cooper(TM)s villainous character that(TM)s killed off too early in the flick. So much for that

Richard D (nl) wrote: The directorial debut of Mark Peploe, who wrote Antonioni's "The Passenger" and "The Last Emperor" and "The Sheltering Sky" for Bertolucci. It's pretty wonderful at capturing the perspective of a child in a fairly irrationally hostile environment. Then ... partway through, the film pulls the rug out from under you and proceeds to tell a different story with a remarkably different kind of threat. Not an easy film, but one that rewards patience. The excellent cast includes James Fox, Paul McGann, David Thewlis and Catriona MacColl.

Jason P (gb) wrote: Good movie but I hated the ending. Four, maybe 4 1/2 stars right up until the last 6 minutes. It was a great ride for most if the film.

Roger R (gb) wrote: Interesting study on what it is to be a half caste - don't miss the scene where the protesters lie on the railroad track

Leonard E (br) wrote: I got this movie for Father's Day (my favorite holiday). I was very excited to get a documentary on my favorite sci-fi series. What a shock when we realized it wasn't a documentary at all, but a full-blown movie about the origins of the series. Very well done, family friendly, and surprisingly moving. I wish they would make a move like this for all of my favorite shows! Grade A.

Christine W (us) wrote: Slow moving, trying to push an agenda. Never really looks into the reasons why these prisoners were really put there, just how inhumane it is to imprison them. The viewer is hit over the head with this agenda about 1/2 way through to the point where it becomes unviewable. I like Kristen Stewart as an actress but this was not my favorite movie of hers.

Manu G (ag) wrote: Drive hard.Mediocre Movie! The film just seems like a B-grade movie which they tried to make into a decent one with two great actors, but not even Cusack and Jane could rescue this.A former race car driver turned driver's training instructor (Jane) is abducted by a mysterious thief (Cusack) and forced to be the wheel-man for a crime that puts both in the sights of the cops and the mob and leads them all on a chase across Australia's Gold Coast.