Lana (17) is a girl from an average Zagreb family. She‘s getting ready to spend the night with her boyfriend Igor (25). On their way to the concert they decide to make love in a taxi owned by Igor‘s friend. This should‘ve been Lana‘s first time. Things went wrong when their intimate encounter got interrupted by the noises from another taxi. There was a robbery and attempted murder going on. Lana wanted to stop their love game, but Igor has forced her to continue. Lana ran away from him and met Irena (17) in a nightclub, a troubled girl who‘s been spending the night in search for drugs. A series of circumstances join Lana and Irena together while they wander the city.

Two 17 year old girls Lana & Irena meet in the unlikely place of a toilet in a nightclub bonding a friendship due to blood stain which could get both into serious trouble with the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob K (de) wrote: One of those movies I can't help but like despite how bad some parts of it are (the script, Jeff Goldblum, giving Ellen Barkin the lead female role and Diane Lane like 2 seconds of screen time). With a few adjustments, this could've been a lot better. You can't take your eyes off Gabriel Byrne the whole time, he just kills it.

Yifan C (de) wrote: i'm just keep getting bored with these chinese fantasy tale movies

Brent T (kr) wrote: Disagreeing with the RT and RT Users ratings. Relevant, topical, excellently acted and engaging. Maybe the experience is better at home with a DVD.

Johnaia C (fr) wrote: so awesome I saw it 11 times

Ian C (fr) wrote: Ken Loach returns to Ireland for third time and 'Jimmy's Hall' could act as a sequel of sorts to his 2007 film 'The Wind that Shakes the Barley'. Jim Norton is magnificent and is a bigger cunt than 'Father Ted's' Bishop Brennan. Barry Ward is solid in the lead and ones blood does boil as we witness the early years and what was to become of de Valera's Ireland.

Scott A (us) wrote: Okay thriller about a guy that basically has it all and then meets another guy that is a 'bad influence' on his life, and at one point goes off the deep end and tries to frame the original guy for everything.Lowe is fun to watch at first, but his act seems to wear off once things get more serious. Spader is meant to be the good guy here, but at one point he seems to be just as bad as Lowe.Lisa Zane and Marcia Cross are the best things in the movie but both are under used big time. And hey in the night club scene, don't blink or you will miss a David Duchovny siting.Some things are set up like they will be a big plot point, Spader buying stock, but are never mentioned again and the ending seemed far too easy, while also leaving it wide open.See if for Lowe's crass character, but the story seemed to be edited down and missing stuff.