Spplat Attack

Spplat Attack

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:paintball,  

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Spplat Attack torrent reviews

Samantha F (it) wrote: Its not the worst movie in the world, but it could have been better if:A. Anyone in this movie could actB. They picked a focus.

Judy C (nl) wrote: had never heard of this film, but found it deep moving and very well acted. kudos to dito montiel for a great job with this book and movie. bravo!

Michael S (nl) wrote: This would have made an incredible short film, and I agree that Costa is a visionary and there are so many parts of the film I truly love, including the concept of this perhaps senile old man wandering around the slum area of Lisbon visiting his 'children', but pacing kills this film dead. And I can tolerate slow films, but with the trance like conversations and unrelenting repetition, the film suffers. It is a shame, it is a poor experience, but a great vision.

Mikey S (us) wrote: I thought I'd never hate a bruce Campbell movie....then I seen Alien Apocalypse...it's a made for t.v., movie that I picked up for $5 and sold for $2...I was sad to hate this movie and after I watched Alien Apocalypse I was bummed that it sucked so I watched army of darkness PASS on this one The reason I'm giving it 1 star is cause Bruce Campbell is in it

Connor D (kr) wrote: "Shallow Hal" is the odd story of a man who you could say only goes for women that are physically out of his league. One day, however, he meets a man and gets "hypnotized" to look at women for their inner beauty and not just their looks. He then starts to date a woman that he only sees attractive. As time goes on, we learn that not only is this a film to make us laugh, but it also tries to tell a great moral story of what beauty truly is.I really wish the filmmakers tried to make this a great film throughout. What I mean by that is that this film, for me, could have easily been at LEAST a three-and-a-half star movie. Heck, it could have probably been four stars, but it seemed that as the film was approaching its last 30 minutes, it fell quick. It followed a cliche that many comedies fall victim of: It got TOO SERIOUS. Don't get me wrong, I like some of my comedies to have heart, but the thing is this film did have heart from the beginning. It just got too sappy. It seemed to try way too hard to be something it isn't. Nevertheless, this film still is a good time for the most part. The laughs aren't consistent throughout, which didn't bother me because after the first few minutes I knew that this was going to be more of a dramedy. So if you're going for a comedy with a great moral story (which did get a little too sappy), then I would recommend giving this film a chance. If you're looking for gut busting humor, look past this one. 6.0/10

Rufio S (de) wrote: cant say no to some early 90's british asianness.

Ennis Brokeback L (au) wrote: Quite a few plot holes but over all this movie was entertaining and had a very attractive star in her birthday suit more than once. By no means one of the best zombie films but I was never bored while watching it.

Roy S (us) wrote: A film that doesn't try. Zero effort on it's part, save for the attempt of a few actors.Script is like something I would have wrote, beyond terrible. Worst Asylum film I have seen to date.