Springpojkar är vi allihopa!

Springpojkar är vi allihopa!

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Springpojkar är vi allihopa! torrent reviews

Zach M (us) wrote: This was another really fun animated Scooby-Doo movie.Velma inherits an estate in Transylvania, Penn. Of course things start getting weird and they have to solve a mystery.They did a good job of switching the roles of the characters around.Frank Welker and Matthew Lillard are Scooby and Shaggy.

Heather M (jp) wrote: This was a cute little rom-com with a strangely assembled cast. The ending was sweet and exactly what was called for.

Estef A (us) wrote: A little slow but it's somehow fast to watch and has a great message. I loved Sarah Michelle Gellar performance and the colors and scenery were pretty great too.

Rodney S (br) wrote: Worst movie i've seen in years...

Nicki M (ca) wrote: Recently picked this up for $3 second hand. I can remember being disappointed with it back in the 90's, but I couldn't really remember why. The cast are decent including Alyson Hannigan and Claire Forlani. I wondered if I had been harsh originally and decided to give it another go.Well, it all came flooding back. It's just not very good. Alyson is in it about five minutes. Freddie is wooden and Jason Biggs is the kiss of death. I like 90's teen films (generally) but there is much,much better out there. The way these kids talk and act does not ring true at all. For example, the whole scene on the plane - what 13 year old girl would seriously say all that stuff?? I can remember well being mortified, and wanting no one to know. Freddie is also not a good dork.Claire is a decent actress, but she wasn't convincing here either. I think the fault is in the script. It's just not well written, or especially engaging material. she's All That or Whatever it takes were better movies from this era and genre. Although it does pick up a bit at the end. Just takes a very, very long time to get there.

Julie C (kr) wrote: Phil Hartman, Sindbad, and Arnold sounds like a good old fashioned American Christmas. The boys liked this movie when they were young.

Robin W (gb) wrote: Unfortunately, this low-budget eighties horror flick is most well-known for the fact that one of the child actors was molested by the director, Victor Salva, who served some time in prison and, amazingly, was able to resurrect his career with "Powder" and the "Jeepers Creepers" films. That said, Salva does show flashes of talent and delivers a decent amount of suspense and a couple of creepy moments, even though the storyline is incredibly thin, even for a slasher film; I mean, it does push the boundaries of contrivance when escaped mental patients would kill some circus clowns, put on their clothing and makeup, and terrorize a kid who just happens to have a massive fear of clowns! That said, credit must be given to the film for the fact that even though all the main characters are young kids (one of them played a debuting Sam Rockwell), that doesn't necessarily mean they're all going to survive.

Thullin K (jp) wrote: Surprisingly decent acting from a young Leilani Sarelle!...But the Abrupt Left in the air ending ruined all the cheesy fun for me!...so fuck this movie!!!

Dean M (us) wrote: Action director Peter Hyams is out of his element with this melodramatic World War II drama, which consists mostly of an unlikely tryst between American soldier and British nurse. But I'm a fan of Harrison Ford as he was quite a hero in this late 1970's film.

Justin W (de) wrote: ...it's dumb. i really don't know what else to say about it. herc drinks from water that causes forgetfulness...and to let the audience know, a voiceover plays to tell everyone what hercules had just done....from there the plot just goes downhill and smells a bit like those chicken nuggets you bought three weeks ago that are still sitting in your car in the middle of summer.

Joe M (ag) wrote: One of the great old movies. Everyone should watch this movie at least once.

DA Z (ca) wrote: Brandon Cronenberg has made a fittingly dark and superb directoral debut with Antiviral. This film was fantastically disturbing. It worked as both an under-your-skin psychological thriller and a bitingly original social commentary, while delving smoothly into art house territory. Sure, it's loaded with dark inspiration from his father's work-the great David Cronenberg-But Brandon C. is undoubtedly bringing something new to the table, and I can't wait to see what he has in store for us.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: More HG Lewis fun. Typical Lewis antics: painter starts killing people to paint with their blood. Not as gory as I expected, but if you like Lewis' style you should have fun.

Jake G (ru) wrote: I thought this movie was actually good I guess

Grant H (ca) wrote: Bad movie. It attempts to be both verbally abrasive and heartwarming, but fails, resulting in a wholly unfunny, uninspired dramedy that tries too hard with an overacted lead by Rauch.