Springtime in the Rockies

Springtime in the Rockies

Ranch owner Sandra, fresh from animal husbandry school, brings a flock of sheep into cattle country. The local ranchers don't like it, and ranch foreman Gene must deal with it.

Ranch owner Sandra, fresh from animal husbandry school, brings a flock of sheep into cattle country. The local ranchers don't like it, and ranch foreman Gene must deal with it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daphne E (br) wrote: Umm how does this movie end? I've never made it that far.

Abel D (de) wrote: Oh Glazer, you've done so much better than this: Birth has an interesting and unsettling idea at its core, but it never explores its metaphysical/spiritual themes to any degree, with a cop-out third act, awkwardness that is handled in a ham-fisted manner, and so-so performances from a cast who have and can do better.

Matthew M (ru) wrote: It's a dialogue-free murder mystery from the point of view of an alien eye that has no real clue what's important or unimportant. Lots of protracted shots of bees, frogs, cats, etc... AWESOME. I drop it a star because if you're a "normal" non-arthouse filmgoer you'll surely hate it, and I don't want you to claim I didn't warn you.

Chelsea A (ag) wrote: It's a cute movie. I like the visual effects.

Dan M (au) wrote: When I first started watching this film I couldnt help but think how awkward and creepy the main character was. But as the film went on I not only excepted the fact that the main character was way to creepy but I began to enjoy and laugh at how creepy he was. I also found the song and dance scenes very humorous. It wasnt a good story, but the film itself was very entertaining.

Callum R (kr) wrote: Toto The Hero: Dormaels' Dutch Debut is a quintessential French affair, with flair in its imagination and solid integration of characters due to the assured acting. Toto is superb in capturing and redefining arthouse cinema with a dash of Jeunet, a hint of new wave and a teaspoon of Kieslowski and De Sica. A brilliant concoction! 8.4/10 Callum Awards...Results - With main Awards 5) Moon - 6pts (Best Actor) 4) Avatar - 8pts (Winner of all technical categories) 3) Inglourious Basterds - 10pts (Most nominations! Top 3 in most acting categories and Best Musical Score courtesy of Ennio Morricone) 1) Precious: Based on the novel PUSH by Sapphire - 13pts Let The Right One In - 13pts (Tied for Best Picture) Other notables include: The Good, the Bad and the Weird (Best Director), The Hurt Locker, Triangle, Thirst, Up In The Air and more...

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Courtney W (ru) wrote: Almost sickeningly adorable, but charming enough to ALMOST cut through the toothache.

Paul A (ca) wrote: The story of the 47 Ronin is one of the most celebrated in the history of the Samurai. The true story briefly centres around 300+ Samurai, who became Ronin after their Lord was forced to commit seppuku. Of these, 47 refused to allow their Lord's death to go unavenged, and set about seeking revenge. They spent the next 14 months deceiving everyone into thinking had become drunks, tradesmen, or monks. The plan was to lure their target into a false sense of security and thereby increase their chances once they eventually attacked.The whole thing is fascinating, intriguing, interesting, and many other words ending in ing.None of these words can be used to describe this film.The reason is that this film has nothing to do with the story of the 47 Ronin, it has just simply stolen the title in order to "cash in" on the fame and popularity of the actual story.Bizarrely the film is set in a fantasy world. At the beginning of the film we are introduced to an action sequence featuring an attack by an entirely mythical beast. Nothing wrong with that per say expect that no other mythical beasts are seen for the rest of the film. So are we having a fantasy setting or not, if you are why are there no more mythical beasts, if you aren't going to bother any more why stick one at the beginning? Oh yes, there is a fifteen foot walking set of Samurai Armour with no one in side it as well, but that a totally unexplained and highly confusing character, which has no need to be in the film as everything it does could have been achieved by a real person.There is also a shape shifting witch, again, nothing wrong with that, expect that she's the only one. The other problem as well is that even though the witch can transform herself, none of what she actually does requires her to have magical powers anyway, all her actions could have been performed by a normal human character without magical abilities, all they require is a knowledge of hallucinogenic poisons. She seems to have been given shape shifting abilities for exactly the same reason the film starts off with a mystical beast, because all the GCI looks good onscreen.There is also no explanation other than "he wandered out of a magical forest" to explain why Keanu Reeves character, a westerner, is in 18th Century Japan. (all be it a mystical fantasy version of 18th Century Japan).In short, the film can't decide what it is, and most of it makes little or no sense, which is understandable once you learn about the huge amount of studio interference that caused the film to be re-written and re-shot until it became so confusing no one knew what the hell they were doing any more.The studio apparently had very high hopes for this film in Japan, showing their total misunderstanding of the Japanese market. Imagine if the tables where turned. Imagine if the Japanese made a film about the battle of the Alamo. Imagine they cast a Japanese actor as the main lead, imagine if they ignored the heroic last stand element that has cemented the story deep into US folklore and instead, into the film, inserted Wizards, Witches and Godzilla battling Mothra. You start to get the idea.If this film had actually been about the 47 Ronin it would have been good, if it had been made by the people who made 13 Assassins it would have been lots of words ending in "ing". But it wasn't, and it isn't. It's just sh*t, a confusing mess of a film and serves only to illustrate why Studio's should not interfere with the visions of film makers.There are not really any redeeming features that I could call upon to recommend you watch this. Instead read a book about the 47 Ronin, it's much more interesting, or if you want to watch samurai hacking each other to pieces watch 13 Assassins. But don't whatever you do watch this, ever.

Jacob B (gb) wrote: A Merry Friggin' Christmas is intermittently funny and has a bit of a charm to it but the film ultimately ends up failing to be a true classic seeing that its talented cast including the late Robin Williams are underutilized and is a bit of a disappointment compared to the true Christmas comedy classics such as National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Bad Santa.

Jason P (fr) wrote: Great comedy and performances by JK Simmons and Malkovich

Laura B (ru) wrote: I love this film everytime I watch it.It is the modern revisited version of Hitchkock's Rear Window and it measures up to it.

Jeni W (au) wrote: this is the first movie that actually scared me so much that i had to check my closet before i went to bed.

Charlie D (ca) wrote: Uncle Buck is a feel-good movie for all ages. Fantastic performances and fantastic ending. A John Hughes classic that brings you joy no matter what your age.