It's South Africa 1990. Two major events are about to happen: The release of Nelson Mandela and, more importantly, it's Spud Milton's first year at an elite boys only private boarding school. John Milton is a boy from an ordinary background who wins a scholarship to a private school in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Surrounded by boys with nicknames like Gecko, Rambo, Rain Man and Mad Dog, Spud has his hands full trying to adapt to his new home. Along the way Spud takes his first tentative steps along the path to manhood. (The path it seems could be a rather long road). Spud is an only child. He is cursed with parents from well beyond the lunatic fringe and a senile granny. His dad is a fervent anti-communist who is paranoid that the family domestic worker is running a shebeen from her room at the back of the family home. His mom is a free spirit and a teenager's worst nightmare, whether it's shopping for Spud's underwear in the local supermarket

The story takes place on a film set in south Africa 1990. There are two important events: Nelson Mandela is released and a young boy having a chance to gain scholarship in a private school is from ordinary background. He come in strange world where gives him many meaning things. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Spud torrent reviews

Ben H (kr) wrote: Great film, fantastic acting and brilliant direction.


Borhan K (kr) wrote: I thought this movie would have some potential but found it really slow boring a headache cause u find out that its all a mind game and not the mind game that keeps u involved with the movie the kind that bores you.Not for the kiddiesThere is a love scene in the movie that i found boring also there was a shot of the movie where to characters are talking and walking and then it gets blocked out by a building or something for a good 15 seconds really bad film making.Give this one a miss

Matt M (jp) wrote: Clever adventure hero story done lego style.

Gena D (au) wrote: Didn't grab me but it was a good story so earned the stars

Bob A (gb) wrote: I REALLY enjoyed this movie! Likable characters, nice camera work, and a nice story.

Steve W (it) wrote: Nicolas Winding Refn directs an ethereal and trippy violent Viking story with Mads Mikkelsen as a hateful slave. He escapes his captors with the help of a boy, and joins up with a group of Christian vikings on a doomed journey to the Holy Lands that would make Werner Herzog drool. The movie is not afraid to be too arthouse, with crappy CGI blood one moment and reflective usage of cairns and baptism for its final scenes. The performances and themes are very very subtle, so is a divisive film for all viewers. I dug it, but it wasn't altogether amazing.

Paul A (fr) wrote: not that great a film, sort of boring at times, they re just in the car at night in the middle of nowhere basically and apparitions walk past.

Sterlin R (ca) wrote: A let down from the first. The original had good comedy, while this was plain bad.

Matt S (us) wrote: probably a take on saw, but id be interested in seeing it!

Evan H (de) wrote: this movie is hilarious! Great cast and script. It's corny at times, but if you look past that, you will see a good movie!

Michael P (br) wrote: one time deal brutal and realistic emotionally draining

Blake H (de) wrote: The movie that intoduced me to the world of Hal Hartley, great great stuff

Kevin N (it) wrote: As important to film grammar as any of Fritz Lang's other early works, this film is a virtually endless display of the extraordinary language of film editing. Working with a crime thriller with psychological tendencies that border on supernatural, Lang recognizes the importance of interweaving the scenes of the film not only for thematic connection but to give the story an exhilarating speed. There's a lot going on here, and instead of dropping us into random situations and conversations he finds likenesses to string them all together. Good or evil, all the characters have motivations and intentions that revolve around the same thing- the legendary Dr. Mabuse himself. Lang had worked with Mabuse before and would work with him afterward, but he is careful to avoid making this a standard sequel. Instead, it's about the anarchic danger of crime, especially when it is glamorized and given a mascot like Mabuse- a character who isn't really a part of the film in flesh and blood but more an ideal, a symbol. Powerful performances with senses of humor and larger-than-life expressionistic settings help round out this atypical nightmare, an experience as enjoyable as it is educational.

Rick J (nl) wrote: This movie is wonderful, and nostalgically sad, remembering a more civilized time...truth is, I hate movie critics anyway. Like I am doing here, allowing my personal feelings about a film rule my rating, film critics do the same thing, but most are paid to sit around watching movies every day while the rest of us live life and, when we can, go out and catch a good flick. Sometimes it's those moments in between, while we are living life, do we see reflections of reality in the fictions we perceive on the big screen (or DVD, or Netflix). How many horrible songs do we remember growing up with that shake the foundations of our day when we hear them now, and we would not trade them for the world, regardless of cheesy lyrics or a bad hook? I'm not saying that Empire Records is "bad but I love it". I think it's a great, fun movie. I am stating that the greatness of some things far transcends the collective critical consensus of a few people paid to sit around and tear things apart to quantify the bits. Damn the man! To bad, like all the great records stores of days past, we couldn't in the long run save the Empire!

El U (gb) wrote: i really liked this one, stellan skarsgard is a great actor

Chris L (ag) wrote: It's meant to be a heartfelt tribute to dedicated sci-fi fanboys but only further supports the tired, obnoxious stereotypes already associated with geeks and nerds. I'm doubtful most intelligent film fanatics will appreciate being referred to as socially-inept virgins. Seth Rogen does earn points for working double time as both a Russian (?) pimp and an outrageous Trekkie clan leader.

Andrew K (es) wrote: Some of the "greats" age wonderfully, proving to be both artistic and technological marvels that stand the test of time. At least George Miller's future camera flair is evident so early.

Cait W (au) wrote: First of all it was kind of just a sad version of Pitch Black. Secondly - while the Riddick films were never doing anything particularly phenominal with it's female characters, this one manages to make it's singular speaking female role offensive by making her a lesbian and then having him change that somehow by being the "most manly of men" - most of which she doesn't even see because she stays on the ship while he is off fighting alien monsters, so I'm not sure why anything in her opinion changed at all. Riddicks literally just been a creepy douchebag to her through the entirity of her conversations with her. I mean the only difference between how he treats her and how the more antagonisty antagonist behaves is the guy you're supposed to hate trys to rape her and Riddick oh so politely tells her he will be "balls deep in her" when she inevitable asks him for it. It's like someone made a movie out of some cliche douchebag high school jocks wet dream.

Nicholas L (nl) wrote: A rambunctious, hilarious, daring, exciting, and adventurous piece of action material. The new MI trilogy is redeeming itself from the unrelenting self-seriousness and stupidity of the early 90's trilogy.