A desk-bound CIA analyst volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent diabolical global disaster.

One day an order comes down from North Korea, reactivating erstwhile spy Park Hye rim who has spent decades in South Korea as an ordinary housewife. Drama series follows Sun Woo, an agent in the National Intelligence Service, and his mother Hye Rim. His mother is a former North Korean spy. A drama about a mother who risks everything for her son and the son who discovers his mother′s hidden past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Spy torrent reviews

Rene C (es) wrote: Muy buena. Esta mejorando el cine Mexicano

Galen A (au) wrote: I'm going to have to rewatch this. First impression is that it isn't as good as Dogtooth but it is similar.

Jordon J (jp) wrote: This film had it's moments but most of them not very funny making for a rather headshaking comedy, I just can't possibly recommend it, So I say SKIP IT!!!

John M (de) wrote: it was avery good movie kept u on the edge ur seat action

Mayank A (it) wrote: A very different Pixar short film, doesn't have humor, the story is not magical and the animation with the wooden western feel is average BUT it delivers a beautiful message effectively.

Manish M (mx) wrote: Flawless and gripping drama telling a story of desperation conquered by self determination. A depiction of real faith.

Ellis C (us) wrote: come si vede che questo film di virz! anche se rispetto a my name is tanino devo dire molto meglio!!!

Tracey c (ag) wrote: It wasn't that good.

Cynthia S (kr) wrote: I think that they need to show this movie in every Sociology class. It's a perfect example of how, for example, Hitler's Germany was even possible. It shows how easily people can be manipulated and influenced by hateful thinking in society. It was an apalling thing to watch unfold, and intensify, but it was at the same time an amazing thing to watch. Scary, but amazing. ..On a side note, William H. Macy was fantastic, as usual.

Cancelled U (ag) wrote: not seen it but i'm sure it be good

Jennifer B (it) wrote: It's been a long time since I've seen this one so can't remember exactly..........

Marc B (au) wrote: nice film. has some long scenes but overall funny and cool.

Tee D (es) wrote: This movie was also filmed in my hometown Oakland C.A. , LOVED IT

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: Here it comes a female Damian, nothing too interesting went on. It's hard to say whether it's an independent film from the series or not, cuz there's no connection to the trilogy whatsoever.

Eric S (ru) wrote: I think the movie itself is not that good, but dammit, I like it! It has a very 80's feel to it and I still have fondness watching it as a kid. Also, I like Michael E. Knight from All My Children. "Kick her butt then." Hahaha

Dick P (ca) wrote: Feels like a lazy sequel to "Pollyanna".

Luis Rafael D (gb) wrote: inquientante y altamente extravagante. Una obra amestra

Begonia L (us) wrote: BLIMEY! What a performance!! <3

Tiberio S (it) wrote: Everything is really engaging in this film until the third act inevitable war between SPECTRE and the Japanese Secret Service, which becomes a shooting gallery with no story left to tell. Looking back at the Connery films reminds me of the kind of energy Sam Mendes is bringing back to the Bond series, a relief from the over adrenaline filled Quantum of Solace and blatant silliness of Die Another Day. These movies took their time, settled Bond into situations, got him familiar with the bad guys before going to war, had him living a little bit of life in the cultures he explored (i.e. sumo wrestling, saki, and Japanese baths). The scenery is often breathtaking, the action is fun, the women are beautiful, and the situations are interesting with high stakes. Banking on the tension of the paranoid Cold War, Bond films used the conflict as a backdrop to play on the audience concerns of the time, only to cleverly reveal its villains lie in a privatized war between them. In this film, the US and Russia are engaged in a space race, sending vessels beyond the atmosphere to explore outer regions, while SPECTRE captures them and frames each respective country, their leaders believing the other nation is responsible. Only Bond and the Secret Service can look through official information and uncover conspiracies within. Makes one hope Bond is out there now looking between the cracks of the US government and Al Quadea!