Vincent is a bright young man but has introverted personality. He is working as a baggage handler at an airport and refuses to follow a career path accordingly to his education. With his colleague, Gerard, Vincent used to steal objects from the luggage in the hold before shipment. As he opens a diplomatic baggage, Gerard provokes an explosion and dies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Spy(ies) torrent reviews

Saskia D (es) wrote: A quiet and soothing film. Not a masterpiece but certainly worth a watch.

Ben C (ca) wrote: Again, this one isn't as good as the first one.

CC B (kr) wrote: In the Company of Men is a smart and masterfully directed black comedy about male insecurity and psychological games. The performances are excellent (particularly Aaron Eckhart) and the story gripping.

Adam C (jp) wrote: A funny thing: I realized I forgot my cellphone in the car during the middle of the movie, and went out to get it, missing about seven minutes, and it made NO DIFFERENCE in my comprehension of the film. Because, largely, the film is incomprehensible on the first viewing. I say this having only seen it once. Godard has basically broken cinema down completely, and only the suggestion of narrative and continuity remains. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, serves as a vehicle for abstract philosophy--film as pure thought, rather than storytelling. If this sounds at all interesting, then watch it, but if not, you'd best just avoid it like the plague.

Greg W (br) wrote: A spangled hodgepodge, conjured up for the benefit of Powell-Pressburger and Ken Russell

Alfonso M (ca) wrote: realistic romantic comedy for our time.