Go-Bong has a huge crush on Gye-Soon who works at a fast food restaurant without knowing that the girl he love is a spy from North Korea.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:spy,   paintball,   internet,  

Go-Bong has a huge crush on Gye-Soon who works at a fast food restaurant without knowing that the girl he love is a spy from North Korea. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suraj B (br) wrote: Its honest, shocking, thrilling, almost perfect movie with no non sense!! Excellent background score!! Nana's dialogues..after long time!! RGV Almost perfect once again...and with no hollywood stuff. must watch!!

Jose S (gb) wrote: Hell yeah. Lookit the staches on those guys! I *so* wanna see this.

Zahid C (fr) wrote: Day: ThursdayDate: 7 May 2015Time: 9.30 pmWith: Maa, AzeemOn: HDTV

Ed L (gb) wrote: Finally got to watch this movie... Rock'n'Roll history! Proud to say I had a couple of beers at CBGB's when it was still opened

Steve W (de) wrote: This is one of those movie that is a total mixed bag. On the one hand, this martial arts movie is very familiar in plot and pacing. It does have some action, but not enough to showcase the star and make it stay ahead of the pack.Manit is a ten year old boy when his parents are murdered by corrupt cops and he is shot in the head. He spends part of his childhood in a coma, being taken care of a nurse. Hard to Kill has a very familiar plot, and the boy soon awakens with brain damage as he cannot feel emotions. This was a good ploy, so that critics cannot remark on the acting of the main star.The biggest problem with the movie is probably the action scenes. Even though there is quite a few, they don't pack quite the punch you would expect. The first one is a homage to Kickboxer, but its a POV fight and we don't get to see it. Then the next one is a shadow fight, and the next one is really quick.By the time we have had several fight scenes, they are underwhelming. At times the film feels like its trying to bluff you into thinking there is more action than is present. There is a good fight scene in alley with some cops and a subway fight with some monks.All of these qualities as well as a weak climax make for a weak film. Perhaps if the action set pieces were longer and there was a martial arts adept villain/number one henchman for the hero to fight, the movie would be more satisfying. It simply fizzles out in the long run.

Timothy J (es) wrote: What if Butch Cassidy lived to old age and wasn't killed in Bolivia. That is the premise. A little slow moving at times, but a pretty good modern Western.

Gary B (ru) wrote: This was a nice surprise

Daniel P (nl) wrote: A great look to afghan society. Is amazing how different can be people of other cultures and religions...

Nicki M (mx) wrote: Wow, must be my week for it. Couldn't finish this movie either. I like a romantic story as much as the next person, and I am the same age Heather portrays here, so it's not like I think a romance has to star teens or beautiful people in their 20's (though Heather was beautiful, honestly she's got that puffy plastic look here - I think she'd have looked better with a few wrinkles), but this is unrealistic and feels false.

M D (mx) wrote: Appropriately done movie. Good story that hits right with the final line. I felt the performances to be mediocre but not distracting. Realistic characters drive the relationship, something both of them needed.

Adam B (kr) wrote: Way better than The VVitch.

gary t (jp) wrote: its an ok film i think. its not 1 of wesley snipes best films but it has some kool car chases and got some gun fights in so they were pretty kool i thought it was an alright movie its nothing that special to watch..

Mark W (au) wrote: Of all the long running horror franchises the one that has surprised me the most is this one; simply because it's been so consistently low quality since the first sequel was released! The story's used in the films must take very little time to come up with and lets be clear they do nothing but try to confuse you! The stories aren't interesting and again Pinhead has a very little part to play! The only memorable moment was when Amy removes the knife from her own back... Very clever!

Alptekin V (ca) wrote: strongly recommended

Jon C (it) wrote: the performances are very superfluous I've seen very committed actresses in a film like thisyes the movie is maybe too deep and the melodrama is very heavy-handed but by God is the acting incredibleGraham Greene is ok because he's not in the movie a lota very young Mischa Barton and Piper Perabo are 'lost & delirious' souls a simple, sweet love story becomes shattered because of the peer pressure and expectations from outside the school institutionthe teenage angst is wonderfully portrayed here and that's a touchy subject to discuss

Natascha V (mx) wrote: One of my absolute favorite films!

Gordon B (mx) wrote: A truly twisted 70's horror film that will makes you jump, but will also leave a bad taste in your mouth when its done.

owen b (es) wrote: the cast is amazing, you have Chris Evans, Dominic Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, HUGO WEAVING? how do you waste such a cast on such a mediocre movie. my biggest complaint is the villain, MY GOD, IS HE HORRIBLE. not only does his evil plan seem boring and cliched but he has no personality.Owens grade: C-

Danny M (de) wrote: Why is this so lowly rated? I think this is a great Christmas film! Granted I've watched it since I was a kid but still love it

Midlands M (us) wrote: Turner writes and directs this passionate movie about football firms and clans of South East London and the interaction of different generations on a violent estate. We follow ex-hooligan Mitch (an impressive Doug Allen channelling a bit of Christian Bale in his performance) whose family life is disrupted when young sadistic Adam (played by Harley Sylvester, one half of pop duo Rizzle Kicks) and his gang of youths terrorise the established order. As Adam slashes and shoots his way to respect, he's taken down a peg or two by the unrecognisable David Essex playing Mickey Senior who once trained Mitch and the old clan. When Adam gets his wild revenge on Mickey, it pulls Mitch out of retirement and back to the brutal and bloody life he left behind before eventually finding out a cruel twist of family fate. From alpha males to unchecked aggression, the film flips between the modern day and flashbacks to Mitch's past which helps explain the different paths of the protagonists. The movie also throws in flashes of comedy amongst the nastiness - a scene with a traffic warden was an hilarious highlight - but the furious flying fists are done with a painful realism which may not be for those with a faint heart. With small but well acted support roles from the likes of Richard Blackwood, Barrington "One Eyed Baz" Patterson (with a real-life past to match the character on-screen) and Vas Blackwood (Lock Stock's Rory Breaker) helping to round out the cast, this slice of street life from the UK gives us some new angles on an established genre plus some funny moments to counteract the knock out fight scenes. With a cool soundtrack and Harley Sylvester showing some impressive acting chops, you may think you know what the film will be about but there's enough new ideas here to shake up your view in this violent thriller. 7.5/10 Midlands Movies Mike