A wealthy couple from the Pacific Palisades discovers homeless young lovers have moved into their home.

Home early from their vacation, a wealthy Pacific Palisades family discovers a pair of homeless young drifters who were squatting in their home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (ag) wrote: This is a wonderful, sappy love story. Long's character is a bit neurotic, but very lovable.

Greg T (mx) wrote: This documentary will probably not satisfy every Beatles/Harrison fan. However, it explores Harrison's spirituality marvelously. People have to forget that Scorsese had so much ground to cover. In fact this documentary could of been split up into a 8 part series just as The Beatles anthology was. It simply explores the 3 most important concepts in Harrison's life; friends, family and God. I could of easily watched for another 3 hours.

Anh H (jp) wrote: It's not the best comedy out there, but kinda heartwarming. I never knew bird watching would be taken so seriously. I admire everyone with passion for whatever they do.

Shajie K (au) wrote: Umm no idea what the point of this story was... -_- but the ending was cute

Jacob B (ru) wrote: Though the presence of Rob Schneider threatens to make the film awful, 50 First Dates manages to be one of the Happy Madison Productions' more sweet productions thanks to the great chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, plenty of laughs and even a bit of drama to help make its relatively interesting premise work.

Carlos I (us) wrote: Decent little slasher. It unfortunately got lost in the wake of Scream clones, but it's actually pretty good, with a fairly unique premise.

Samson S (jp) wrote: I'm gonna watch this....never seen it

wild willie n (nl) wrote: CURTAINS ended up being a total disappointment....i have always wanted to see this and HEY - it has THE MAN John Vernon in it. Well John Vernon is fucking fantastic in this but he can't help the rest of this flick. The women in this are absolute mutts so nudity can't help it much. The kills all suck except the well known "ice rink" sickle kill. The soundtrack is excellent though (done by the same guy that did PROM NIGHT) and the end has a nice unexpected twist. In the end - CURTAINS on a whole misses the mark bigtime.

Malaika K (gb) wrote: The man who later became the beloved Gordon of Sesame Street stars as Willie Dynamite, a capitalist pimp with a vision. However, his whole world is immediately turned upside down, causing him to alter the direction of his life.

donald m (ca) wrote: Damn good movie. liked it very much. Action packed john wayne movie. has most things men want to see when watching a good western, fighting,horse back riding, women, soilders, nice country views well maybe not so much in this one lol. all in all a good movie.

Shawn R (kr) wrote: Just as stupid and just as funny as I remembered it.

Samanthe S (au) wrote: I can't believe Serenity is ranked so high. Really? This is not a good movie. I kept expecting it to pick up but it never did. Everything was so predictable and the acting was awful. The Captain was definitely unbelievable as a rogue and came off as dorky and insecure. The River character may have been the worst of them all. To me, she came off as a drug addict and not someone with special abilities. Her relationship with her brother was again, unbelievable. The brother character seemed creepy and untrustworthy. (I had hoped that the brother turned out to be a traitor, because then the movie would have been much more interesting.)The relationship between Zoe and Wash was one-sided believable. I believed Zoe had deep feelings for Wash, but didn't feel that he cared for her. The characters are poorly developed and I found it hard to relate to them, let alone care what happens to them. Then there are the slang words they use... I just wanted to scream "Stop trying to make Fetch happen!!!". The dialogue is predictable and poorly written. I really feel like the writer is trying to turn the Captain into Han Solo - it didn't work. The best things about this movie were Gina and Chiwetel; they showed the best acting skills. I never had any interest in the Firefly series and I was right not to.

Edgar C (ca) wrote: Quite the show of family melodrama... Miles away from the original impact of the book (which was sold as hot bread after the initial release of the film), The House of the Spirits is, truth to be told, an underrated and recently forgotten epic. You'll never see Meryl and Glenn together once more with the delightful charm of the sweet Conchita, and you'll end up missing those days. Resembling more an 80s flick than a movie from the 90s, and despite its pretentious cast, Bille's adaptation provides some solid goods amidst a small ocean of missed marks, from the language to its flat representation of its historical context and its continuous chronological jumps. I mean, I would't have minded a 3-hour epic... 73/100