SS Camp 5: Women's Hell

SS Camp 5: Women's Hell

During the last days of WW2, several female prisoners arrive at Camp 5 to work as sex slaves for officers and guinea pigs for horrific experiments by Nazi doctors who are trying to find a cure for burns. But these women are not going to die without a fight... Can they stay alive until the closing Red army comes to their rescue?

During the last days of WW2, several female prisoners arrive at Camp 5 to work as sex slaves for officers and guinea pigs for horrific experiments by Nazi doctors who are trying to find a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (ru) wrote: With half an hour left to go, I just could not sit through any more of this dreck. I watched an hour of it and saw nothing but people sitting around in the dark talking about what MIGHT happen and getting worked up over tiny noises in the distance. I love anything paranormal, but this is painfully boring.

Tatsuhito K (au) wrote: I really liked it! It started out slow and I wasn't sure where it was going, but in the end it was quite funny and really touching. Loved the chemistry between Pacino and Walken, and that's kind of all it matters. Stand Up Guys is a solid entertainment. Sometimes all it matters is the casting.

AnnaLu A (it) wrote: com aquele rapazinho que fica preso no banheiro do "Jogos Mortais 1". Achei horrendo! Deu asco! Nunca mais quero ver! Se bem que acho que era esse o objetivo dos caras que fizeram o filme n...Argh!

Alissa P (ag) wrote: AMAZING. This movie gives me hope.

Tim W (jp) wrote: This is one of the most uncomfortable film even for a McGregor fans like me. Leaving you with a bitter taste as you walk out of the theatre.

Brandon P (es) wrote: Best low budget horror film since Evil Dead, plus you get the awesomeness of Kevin "Soap McTavish" McKidd. Loved it!

Radovan R (de) wrote: The best one of the 'qatsi' movies. Life as war.

(ag) wrote: For the most part I quite enjoyed this film. But there is a genuinely contrived angle to the story and characters that just doesn't ring true. I watched it for the second time tonight, the first being at the cinema upon its initial release. And the thing that really stuck with me is what a great movie this would be for young teenagers who would most likely fall under its spell. Well intentioned and certainly not bad, but by no means a classic

Sweet Poetic R (it) wrote: great storyline....the bond between father and son.....liked it,,,,

Karlo M (ca) wrote: This is what makes me want to make films. wow. This is love at first screening.

Courtney K (us) wrote: kinda stupid; it's like comical b-horror. predictable & ridiculous.

Dale R (au) wrote: Just awful : I really hate 'found footage' films anyway, but this would have been pretty rubbish even if made as a 'proper' film, then with the added bonus of being shot as a home video so most of it was in darkness or shaking around ... only sat through it in the hope there'd be some kind of resolution : there wasn't. Don't bother wasting 80 minutes like I did.

Andree H (fr) wrote: A new teacher with a challenging class! Anyone have suggestions for other teacher movies?

Amy S (es) wrote: It felt like watching a classic children's storybook unfold on screen. It was very well written-beautiful film. Sorry to see so many people uninterested in seeing it.

Kilo D (it) wrote: In a fantasy land, where "A Clockwork Orange" does not exist as text or film, "Disturbing Behavior" would still be an inane teen soap opera. There is no originality to be found in any department of this film. Take for example the atrocious dialogue that's spewed from these soporific characters. No teenager, in any decade, ever said "razor" as a substitute for "cool" or dropped one-liners like "who put the acid in my spam?" and never have I heard a brother and sister talk like: "Yes Steve. This will be great Steve. This town is gonna be great, don't you think Steve?" Worse still is a scene in which Nick Stahl's character ironically labels the various crowds of the school while his character and his pal are nothing more than the sum of several characters flattened to stereotypes, only one of which is acceptable and that's because Nick Stahl can act and has presence regardless of the material (exception: "Terminator 3"). So with poor characters, bad acting, horrendous writing, and a hilarious attempt to bring Burgess and Kubrick to a WB high-school how can anyone make it through this movie without wanting to turn it off out of frustration? Boredom? Moreover, "Disturbing Behavior" is tantamount to that one "genre" flick they told all students to write in a first semester screenplay course only Mr. Rosenberg, I suppose, has contacts a plenty for what else could explain this inept movie finding an audience?