Ssunday Seoul

Ssunday Seoul


"Sunday Seoul" is a film with three nonsensical episodes: THE WEREWOLF: A high school student Do-yeon who is the victim of bullying in school, is the main character of the first episode. He is not good at studying or at fighting. One day, an unexpected change happens to his body. THE VISITOR: On a pitch-black stormy night, a woman is visited by a stranger seeking shelter. The stranger eventually, is revealed as a serial killer on the run. THE YOUNG ADVENTURER: Seeking revenge for his father, a son embarks on a journey in which he encounters a young girl by chance and starts to learn martial arts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason H (us) wrote: This may be worse than the Shazam/Superman movie. Animation, story, and acting is bottom of the barrel. Almost seemed like a cheap knock off.

Rebecca B (fr) wrote: Maybe watch with some children. Might be fun.

Loreno v (gb) wrote: "It doesn't get any bigger than this."Documentary detailing the origins and history of surf culture.REVIEW"Riding Giants" opens with a brief, animated, two-minute look at the first 1000 years of surfing, which ends about 1950, when the first big-name surfers began to work their magic. Using remarkable half-century old footage, the doc then follows their path to Hawaii, where surfing became not just a hobby, but a culture that was far more than the onslaught of bad surfing movies in the '50s and '60s led many to believe. The big wave surfers gradually progressed to bigger and better waves around the Hawaiian coast, where most of the surfing community was concentrated until the discovery of The Mavericks, a dangerous but glorious surfing mecca in Northern California. Eventually that locale triggered surfing's stateside explosion in popularity. But one man from Hawaii, Laird Hamilton, has sent the sport as mainstream as possible in recent years. Using teams and jet skis, Hamilton's vision and drive radically changed the mindset of what was possible as surfing entered the 21st century. Set up like a traditional documentary, Peralta's film lets the surfers themselves tell most of the stories, and he narrates when necessary to provide pertinent details. But the personalities and passion of the interviewees are what drive the picture. These guys are wired differently than most of us; there's no question about that. Their slightly irreverent but still respectful tone lets them get away with comparing the discovery of Hawaii's North Shore to Columbus stumbling upon America. An exaggeration? Of course, but the genuine emotion in their voices and faces make the words fully believable, much like a football player comparing his sport to a war.Perfectly complementing the almost mythic personalities are the ridiculously massive and powerful waves themselves. From the surprisingly good old-school 8mm footage shot from the shore to the digital in-your-face shots from a jet ski, the photography in Riding Giants is nothing short of stunning. The waves are simply huge, and even though you may have seen quality shots in "Blue Crush", you haven't seen them on this grand and wild a scale. I guarantee your jaw will drop multiple times. The fact that the history of the sport can be encapsulated in less than two hours gives the film a complete and satisfying feel, as opposed to something like Baseball, for which even ten hours was not enough. Those who don't have an interest in any aspect of surfing won't care for it, but even if you can't relate to the surfing directly, you will walk out of "Riding Giants" with a greater appreciation for the sport and a better understanding of what drives those who do it.

Murder C (fr) wrote: Eddie (Whoopi Goldberg) is a huge New York Knicks supporter that get the chance to coach the team after impressing Knicks new owner "Wild Bill" Burgess (Frank Langella) with her love for the team. "Eddie" is another forgettable sports-comedy that lacks good jokes and noteworthy story. While nothing about the movie is necessary terrible, the movie really has nothing going for it either.

Louie R (it) wrote: i liked this one. its old school and somehow the story was decent.

Hannah D (ru) wrote: I found this more watchable than I expected it to be. It's a very undemanding film, but there are some really lovely scenes of the Mexican beach, and Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews are very likeable. There were also some mildy amusing moments, which mostly involved Dudley's character George falling over and making himself look foolish!

Josiah M (ag) wrote: A legendary masterpiece.

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Alexander P (mx) wrote: Superb film and some incredible performances - lends so much to films in the 60's onwards - the robbery scene is exquisite and beautifully worked, acted and filmed. A great movie and I would reccomend to anyone

Oliver E (gb) wrote: By far my favorite documentary.