St. Benny the Dip

St. Benny the Dip

A gang of con artists disguise themselves as clerics in order to pull off a job, but soon find that even pretending to be religious people is having an effect on them.

A gang of con artists disguise themselves as clerics in order to pull off a job, but soon find that even pretending to be religious people is having an effect on them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin S (nl) wrote: It's not even funny bad.

Kyle E (mx) wrote: The match up that many people had been waiting for! It's not really that great of a movie if you don't treat it like a genre entry, but it is admittedly a fun little guilty pleasure. Plus, it's great seeing two major horror titans go at it, just like in the monster mash movies of old. Freddy Kruger is no longer the menace he once was, so he goes through a hair-brained scheme to regain control on Elm Street. He uses Jason Vorhees, tricking poeple into thinking it's really Freddy. Problem is, Jason won't stop, so Freddy has to go in and handle things himself. The film delivers with the gore, but a lot of the humor is very hit and miss, with plenty of obnoxious groaners and annoying moments. The effects are at least well done, and I liked how they did deliver a good showdown, and, as far as the ending goes, well, that's probably the best possible way they could have done it since it would have been impossible to please everyone. Bottom line, if you like Freddy or Jason, then give it a watch.

Frances H (kr) wrote: There were so many things about this film that I loved--the costumes, the color palettes, the cinematography, the music, the look of the 50s, when I was a child. However, the fifties was heavily into melodrama as well. Julianna Moore's Kathy Whitaker and her husband are such a fake Stepford couple. When people's lives are coming unravelled, nobody is so unfailingly knd and considerate and perfect. There are fights and yelling. Even in the most crucial scenes of conflict here, the people involved are so understated as to be almost comatose. It's as if everyone is heavily sedated on tranquilizers, and it definitely does not reflect real life, in the 50s or any other era. I wasn't moved to tears at all, because, since the film did not reflect real life, it didn't touch any chords with real people. It never rose above it's own world that was purely artifice.

Frances H (au) wrote: Really chilling thriller with great performances by the entire cast, but most specifically Joan Cusack, with a story to make anyone paranoid.

Jeff A (br) wrote: Jack Baran, the writer of Band of the Hand (a guilty pleasure from the 80s) directs this boring homage to Repo Man. Like Alex Cox's masterpiece, Destiny Turns on the Radio has a similar score, a nutty philosophical Tracey Walter and a glowing yellow electrical dimension portal pool taking the place of a time traveling Chevy Malibu. The riff on Repo Man is the only thing interesting about the film. I'm guessing this is what attracted Tarantino to the project. Otherwise, Destiny is a pointless waist of time. No hard feelings Baran, I still love Band of the Hand.

Robert B (au) wrote: Sonatine (Takeshi Kitano, 1993)While Takeshi Kitano has worked in any number of genres over the years, when it came to directing, he started with the yakuza film. Many great Japanese directors do (Takashi Miike was getting his start directing V-cinema yakuza flicks around the same time Kitano started, for example). But in front of the camera, Kitano had already spent years as a sketch comedian. It was inevitable that eventually these two disciplines would cross in his work. It ended up not taking long at all; Sonatine, Kitano's fourth picture, blends action and absurd in such a way as to have become a favorite of many of Kitano's fans.Aniki Murakawa (Kitano) is a Tokyo-based yakuza who runs an inept, but lucrative, gang. Their boss sends the whole crew to Okinawa on what seems to be a routine mission-but when they get there, they find out it's anything but routine and suspect they've been set up. Wounded, the gang retire to a local deserted beach to lay low, heal, and plot their revenge. On their first night there, Aniki rescues beautiful, nave Miyuki (Aya Kokumai in her screen debut) from an assailant, and for a time, the cares of the world slip away, and the beach hideaway becomes a world apart...but revenge is always knocking on the door.This should be obvious, but it seems to have not been for some people: this is not a typical gangster movie, any more than the gangster movies of Kitano's idol Jean-Luc Godard were actually gangster movies. If you go into this expecting endless gunplay, you're going to hate it. The core of the film is the time the characters spend at the beach; the yakuza stuff surrounding it is a frame. (Compare and contrast to Godard's Pierrot le Fou, to which this film is an homage, or one of Miike's best efforts, The Bird People in China, which cleaves to the same theme.) It's not about action, it's about soul-searching and redemption and all that stuff that features so prominently in Kitano's comedic films (Kikujiro is an obvious choice here, and Achilles and the Tortoise is another qualifier). And if you go into it looking for THAT, you're going to get much more out of it. Personally, I think it's a wonderful thing indeed, and recommend it without hesitation, though it's not as good as Kikujiro. *** 1/2

Adam E (au) wrote: A very simple plot is followed up with some awesome action! Yeah so segal does not seem to share the same italian accent as his pals do but he knows how to kick there ass when they aint getting him answers! So segals partner gets killed and he goes to sort the nutjob out whos done it. Nice cuts between him looking and the nut job going on his rampage! the problem is thats hes not a very strong villian without his gun and by the end hes had his ass handed to him no trouble, we dont get that awesome fight payoff! not a major problem thou as segal walks in pretty much every place he can and beats seven shades of shite outta everyone! Great fight scenes and a quite fast paced movie to even when the fight scenes are not on screen. Cheesey in some places but thats just the way i like em! Fantastic fun all around :D

Robert D (mx) wrote: Amazing war film about the Dutch resistance. Rutger Hauer is wonderfully charismatic in the lead role.

Gabriel C (de) wrote: Horrible Bosses is wildly uneven and derivative, yet Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis have surprisingly believable chemistry.