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Stackars Ferdinand


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Amie G (ru) wrote: very touching and moving story :)

Lee M (us) wrote: The stuff of mind-numbing sitcoms. Complications, of course, ensue, but they're exactly the complications you expect, with exactly the results.

Eve B (au) wrote: Love This Movie that's Directed by a Very Talented Man. Michael Damian. This is a Heartwarming Film, that you can really get into. You feel like your right there with Tammin Sursoks character, feeling what she's feeling. You sympathize with her & your rooting for her to Triumph. and when she does, your Excited for her. There's also parts in it where it'll have you shedding a few tears before you can stop them. :) All in all...this is a Wonderful Family film. :) Some say it's Unrealistic, with Flicka's Bond with Carrie....but I Don't Care...because I Truly Enjoyed this film Immensely! That's why I Own the DVD. :) a movie doesn't have to be "realistic" to be a Great movie. Sometimes it's a Good thing to get Away from Reality for awhile....and what Better way to do that, than with a Wonderful film such as This one. :)

Jacob K (ag) wrote: morningA solid follow up in the Dr. Dolittle series after tail to the chief I was unsure of what to expect but the 5th installment in the franchise leaves a positive great taste in your mouth.

sumanth c (ru) wrote: The cast isn't top notch.There are serious glitches in the plot but overall a more than decent watch.All this ape c*** about this film being like saw is horse s*** and very amature.This film is in patches slow and unrealistic but ....

Mikaela C (ag) wrote: The first one is so much better... but this ain't bad.

Private U (ru) wrote: looks like it could be some kind of james bond porno

Larissa R (fr) wrote: I love the passion between Renata and Sam. No one's perfect and when her family criticizes Sam's behavior, she always sticks up for him. Lasse captured a true love story between wife and husband; wife cleeves to her husband, husband cleeves to her wife.

Yoviendra E (jp) wrote: Ordinary movie but I had fun... :D

Danny S (br) wrote: Looks good, although Kate Beckinsale isn't in it...