Stage Fright

Stage Fright

A struggling actress tries to help a friend prove his innocence when he's accused of murdering the husband of a high society entertainer.

A struggling actress tries to help a friend prove his innocence when he's accused of murdering the husband of a high society entertainer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike B (us) wrote: It's pretty much a mash-up of The Hangover and Four Weddings... Not much to complain about! It delivers what you'd expect from this kind of film, in a way that I personally found quite entertaining.

Ana A (mx) wrote: Great idea of a film, but this one feel slow and at times quite boring. Another thing Sasha Grey is not a film actress, this movie needed someone stronger.

Van R (fr) wrote: MOSCOW ZERO deserves ZERO stars. This movie sucked big-time. If you are a Val Kilmer fan, prepare to be severely disappointed. He has about five minutes in this 81-minute claptrap about a priest (Vincent Gallo) and a group of others roaming around in the Moscow underground with shadowy being flitting around. Bland waste of time.

Rudy M (jp) wrote: Get ready, cause I'm not shooting blanks this time! Ooh, let's see here. What do others here say about this movie that ate 85 minutes of my life? And which ones do I agree with? "This is a great movie about how far you are willing to forgive someone you love." or "the dumbest movie ever seen.. chaos is way better than this crap.." I have to go with the latter, though this doesn't beat "The Witches Hammer" or "Moscow Zero" quite yet. I'm not sure where to place this movie. So let's see what else writer Daniel Taplitz has produced. A quick check on IMDB tells me that there isn't much since the "highlight" I am reviewing here. There's a TV movie and something described as "Based on the legendary true story of the Red Dog who united a disparate local community while roaming the Australian outback in search of his long lost master". Definitely better than his debut, the hidden 'gem' "The Squeeze" ("A mysterious black box spells danger to a con man and female detective"). Sounds all equally interesting. Good for mr. Taplitz that his dog story got great reviews. It took him about three years after Chaos Theory to get something published. And let's not forget that it is a "true story". I wonder how much of it he really thought up himself. Back to the movie at hand. The morale of the story is twofold. First: married men should not take promiscuous women to their hotel bathroom. Second: do not commit fraud by falsely signing paternity papers after drunk driving. The married man in question is Frank Allen (Ryan Reynolds). He looks 30 when his character is getting married, he looks 32 with a nice grey hair dye (and a beard!) when he's walking his grown-up daughter down the aisle. Hollywood magic! If only the lead character had thought the aforementioned morale of the story through. But no, he was too busy building a career out of writing to-do lists. So much, that he forgot to love his daughter and wife. Turns out the girl is not even his daughter and that his wife cheated on him with his friend. I guess he was right for not loving them enough all along. Reynolds eventually quits the to-do lists when he finds out he is infertile and goes on a self-destructive rampage. But his daughter stays his daughter and his wife stays his wife. He himself doesn't even change either. In the frame story about current events (his daughter's wedding), he still uses post-its with to-do stuff on them. Long story short: Nothing changes. This movie is pointless. I bet his future son-in-law shoots blanks as well and his daughter will cheat on him with his best friend as well. Wouldn't that make a great concept for "Chaos Theory II: Full Circle"? I gave it a 10% because it had exactly three lines of dialogue that made me smile. Verdict: AVOID!

Guy G (nl) wrote: Mike Vogel was great in this, just as he was in Grind. His character was the only one with any depth to it. Cameron Richardson.... Well what can I say except, WOW! Aaron Carter.....OMG! What the hell is this twat doing in a movie about Supercross?? Shouldn't he be selling spatulas by now? The story wasn't very well thought and the closeups of actors faces in helmets got annoying after a while but a fun movie anyway. Watch it if you like Supercross, Cameron Richardson and Mike Vogel.

Shanta T (ru) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE...!!!

Brian A (it) wrote: While so many movies in this genre try to keep you guessing with a who dunnit and twists and turns, this movie generally exposes the killer early. The intelligent side of your brain makes you think its ludicrous that Nick Curran would still fall for the killer, but then again I think most men would do the same, thinking with other than their brain. Good classic movie I just never had the chance to watch until now.

FilmGrinder S (jp) wrote: 76% Look here you cork suckers, this here fargan movie, is a slapstick fargan screwy type of film...see.

Randy D (ca) wrote: Good flick watch for Steve McQueen

Tim R (us) wrote: For those looking for a thrill!

Mary B (mx) wrote: Mary and I enjoyed this predictable happy ending.

Amy M (es) wrote: Classic! My brother and I watched this so many times growing up. I just rediscovered it on TV today.