Very much in love, Neil's wedding plans are sabotaged, beginning when he is abandoned, naked, on a Scottish island. A road trip ensues, with Neil encountering many obstacles as he makes his way to London for what he believes is to be his wedding day. Or is it?

Very much in love, Neil's wedding plans are sabotaged, beginning when he is abandoned, naked, on a Scottish island. A road trip ensues, with Neil encountering many obstacles as he makes his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hamad A (br) wrote: loved what's her name. i think the french made her too charitable for a french woman though :)

Chey Y (gb) wrote: Grippingly paced, it'll make your heart pumped, with no gunfights or car chases.

Dave L (jp) wrote: Interesting. Makes you wonder where these technologies are and who will profit when they are marketed.

Kym D (au) wrote: what was the liquid Henry put in her capsules?

Pat B (it) wrote: very funny simon baker , i really did not know he had this sort of comedic side , i mean he is very charming but the grandmother scene was so funny my sides hurt. What people who gave this a rotten score need to know is that this is not a rom com or anything like it its comes closer to The hangover in the way its presents it's humour and i like it that way

Robbie N (mx) wrote: A lame attempt at an action film, Jumper introduces dislikable and wooden characters. It's meandering and paper thin plot don't help it at all. The pace is speedy, yet arguably it can feel choppy at times. It can occasionally fill in engaging action sequences and Samuel L. Jackson performs a solid role as the antagonist, but in reality I can hardly even remember most parts, as I lost interest a few times. In conclusion, Jumper is a poorly written, poorly executed film with little interest.

Jair B (de) wrote: horrifyingly bad acting, atrocious script writing, terrible camera shots. not one redeeming element to this tragic film.

Katelyn B (mx) wrote: Well... this was interesting. It wasn't a bad movie, it just wasn't my cup of tea. It is a movie that is based around some strong Chinese culture, and it was quite a different thing to watch. The plot was as ridiculous as it could be - a 48 year old pregnant, non-married woman who has a lesbian daughter. A movie full of shame. The ending was good and sort of surprising. Also, the dialogue switched from English to Chinese... that was kind of fun. Haha

David R (mx) wrote: About as formulaic Bond as it gets. Iffy twist.

Alison O (gb) wrote: Ken Loach is best known for his UK-set kitchen sink dramas, but just as we journeyed with him to Spain for Land and Freedom, so we cross the Atlantic for this dramatisation of immigrant workers fighting for their union rights in LA. Its semi-documentary feel maximises its impact and there's one particular scene that will never leave you, such is its emotional rawness.

Jason V (nl) wrote: Just cause there's Bruce Willis in it.EDIT: Bought and seen!Really much funny than I expected.I wanted to see it cause of what I said, but was afraid not to like it, to find it annoying, specially after having seen the picture on the DVD, with Willis in a big fat pink bunny' suit.I was thinking it may be too weird for me, what I really dislike in movies.But in fact no, even almost not at all, and I really never thought to laugh that much.Really well written.Also been surprised it was directed by Rob Reiner.A lot cause yesterday I rewatched (14 years after having discovered it in theatre, and a loooooot of years after having already reseen it on TV, I bought it also recently) A Story of Us, from the same Reiner, with the same Willis, and written by the same Zweibel.What a fucking huge coincidence that I just watched 1 other movie (the horrific piece of shit May) in between.O_OAnyway, don't miss this really cool comedy, you won't regret to watch it, it definitely worth a look.

Sarah F (au) wrote: I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!

Camille L (it) wrote: Apres sa Palme d'Or pour "All That Jazz", Bob Fosse s'est attele a une chronique des derniers mois de la playmate Dorothy Stratten, massacree par son ex-mari Paul Snider, un rate pathetique joue par l'excellent Eric Roberts (a qui Matthew McConaughey semble avoir tout pique). Star 80 n'est clairement pas un film facile a regarder, tant par sa violence froide que par son rythme tres etrange. Le film, entierement denue de charme, parvient quand meme a convaincre sur quelques scenes et grace a sa bande-son sans faute. Veritable ancetre de l'excellent Lovelace, Star 80 souffre par contre de l'interpretation fade de son actrice principale, Mariel Hemingway. Il en reste que le film est une oeuvre assez interessante et originale.

DaniHo D (mx) wrote: Jerry Lewis is a Legend.

Ann B (gb) wrote: This is proving scarily accurate now, i visited Battersea FunFair as a kid, the locations are superb, ok may seem a bit dated now

Scarlett S (jp) wrote: Sad, but also so sweet