The film is about an aging gay couple who own a barber shop in the East End of London. One of them is a part-time actor about to go on trial for propositioning a police officer. The action takes place over the course of one night as they discuss their loving but often volatile past together and possible future without each other.

Charles Dyer and Harry Leeds are a couple that have been living together for nearly 20 years. Both earn a living as hairdressers in the West End of London and both care deeply for their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barbi D (kr) wrote: Love these gals, they make life fun and silly. I like it!

Paul D (ag) wrote: A story where events spiral out of control, but each of the main characters has flaws, including the police investigating so there's nowhere for the audiences sympathies to go, however it has a good pace to it.

Tadina R (mx) wrote: This is an important movie for people to watch. Know your rights. I learned so much by watching this movie.

Deborah M (ag) wrote: Wonderful Movie! Takes you away to memories of Summer romance; reminds you to appreciate the loved ones in your life and to never judge a person because of looks or background.

Anna N (us) wrote: Horror = Not interested.

Tom H (fr) wrote: 11.04.2004,22.11.2014

Robyn D (kr) wrote: It's really good yes recommended for kids maybe adults :)

Dustin B (jp) wrote: A solid crime/mafia drama with a fairly straightforward plot; recommended for fans of 'Goodfellas' and similar mob movies.

Hans L (ru) wrote: Ken Loach makes the case against privatization of resources and documents the idealism and energy of a revolutionary movement, in this Spanish Civil War drama as well as either reinvigorating or betraying the (neo) realist cinematic project (of an ocular modus operandi and temporal unity). Ian Hart plays David, an unemployed Liverpudlian who leaves the dole queue to join the anarchist CNT and POUM militia in their fight against general Francisco Franco's coup against a legitimately elected popular socialist government. As he acclimatizes to his new environment he learns the full horror of political division and the communist/Stalinist betrayal of the libertarian militia and this soon emerges as greater interest for Loach (and his screenwriter Jim Allen) than who won the war. How it was lost is the point of the film. It is essentially George Orwell's Homage To Catalunya on film and many of the scenes and themes are lifted directly from the book. The narrative is told in subjective flashbacks as David's granddaughter in the present reads his diaries and collected news clippings upon his death. The strategy of using a subjective investigation of another person's memories allows the film-makers to avoid the trappings and weight of historical forces for a more personal and affective diegesis, as well as providing a structure that is temporally unstable- which is unique in both realist cinema/s and Loach's own cannon. Essentially though it is a film that argues since the earth is inherited on a generational basis (as well as the struggle for social security and prosperity) private ownership is impossible and also criminal to deny future generations their birthright to share in the riches the world has to offer. There is no freedom without land, only peasants and slavery. It is also about learning to see and enunciate for one's self and as is common in Loach's work characters often exist as a synecdoche of broader realities and human relationship opposed to the "psychologically believable" characterization that plagues mainstream narrative cinema. Rarely has the humanism and pedagogy of the Left been so beautifully registered on celluloid.

Pierre C (ru) wrote: Overrated. Full of disconnected scenes with puzzling purpose. Why does the young boy confront a cow on the road in the thick fog? The motorcyclist is just showing off and annoying. Some scenes go on too long.The father calling his son "pezzo di merda" had me laughing hard.

Naoya K (ag) wrote: This film is far superior to "perfect." This film is only made by the god of cinema.

Andrew M (br) wrote: Who doesn't love Mrs. Doubtfire? Mrs. Doubtfire is a heartwarming and a humorous film. This movie put Robin Williams through the charts and it is probably his best movie ever. I enjoyed this move a lot. I would very much suggest this movie.

Bob W (it) wrote: John Ford/John Wayne WW II war classic about PT boat fleet action in Pacific theater.