Stalking Santa

Stalking Santa

Children everywhere defend his existence, and one man will stop at nothing to discover the truth. This Christmas Dr. Lloyd Darrow, with the emotional (and financial) support of his wife Barbara, and their children Keith (naughty) and Kiely (nice), will conduct an experiment so ambitious that it could very well capture THE visit from Santa Claus himself! In preparation for the big night, Dr. Darrow and his intern Clarence (self-proclaimed Santologists) gather extraordinary evidence of the jolly gift-giver from the North. Their research takes you from the pyramids of Egypt, to the Town Center Shopping Plaza in Polka City, Ohio, and even to the UFO fields of Roswell, New Mexico.

Millions of people believe in him. Thousands claim to have seen him. But only one man is foolish enough to try to prove his existence. Self-proclaimed "Santologist" Dr. Lloyd Darrow will ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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