A cowboy out to find out who murdered his brother discovers that the killers may not be who he thought they were.

A cowboy out to find out who murdered his brother discovers that the killers may not be who he thought they were. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael B (ag) wrote: This movie is like three in one. It is dark zombie horror, a girl fighting girl action film, and an exploitive girls in prison film. The first part is worthy of 3.5 stars. the other two are 1 to 1.5 stars. overall it gets 2 stars.

Fredrik N (kr) wrote: A very touching love story.

Arseniy V (us) wrote: It may not be "profound" in every sense of the word. But it is a thing of utter beauty. In every sense of this word, that I can think of.

Alex I (ca) wrote: As a LGBT youth, I came across this film late at night not expecting to learn and feel. This is my favorite movie, yet. The acting is phenomenal and the story set up is flawless.

Vyacheslav K (mx) wrote: Follows up the original with more fun action and great stunt scenes. Not quite as good as the first Police Story, but still a very entertaining movie. I found some parts boring and the movie in general is not as fast paced as the first one, but retains all the comedy elements we came to know and love. The stunts in the latter half of the movie are simply amazing. Well worth watching if you liked the original film. Watch them back to back for a great experience.

August C (ru) wrote: Sort of a futuristic remake of The Seven Samurai, this flick is shoe string budget early 80's schlock. aside from the decent models and surprisingly good score by James Horner there isn't much else to see here.

John O (fr) wrote: Could anyone say this was even a movie?? Lousy....minimal character development....and no comparison to the French Connection...,..all the guys looked the action...;and where was the oomph?? Nothin' happenin' here.

Igor A (jp) wrote: remek delo! go imam gledano tri pati :)

Iain B (nl) wrote: Johnny Depp does his best Terry Thomas impression right down to the gap in the teeth, gave this 20 mins and the centre of the film seemed to be attempted jokes about his moustache, binned!

Thomas T (it) wrote: For what Samurai Cop was meant to be, it sure did a terrible job at that.