Stand Up, Virgin Soldiers

Stand Up, Virgin Soldiers

Some British soldiers in Singapore are more concerned with finding sex than finding Communists.

Some British soldiers in Singapore are more concerned with finding sex than finding Communists. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stand Up, Virgin Soldiers torrent reviews

Benjamin O (it) wrote: Uncomfortably disjointed

Bengel W (es) wrote: Boring Americans in their boring lives do make not entertainment. Nibbles: Frozen Yogurt.

Judy H (jp) wrote: This movie goes to show you that without communication you have nothing.And also that everything you have worked for can slip away in an instant if you don't work at it.This man should have confided in his wife way before they got into this much trouble.

Neil Mikel L (au) wrote: An evil vampire princess and her bloodsucking stripper sidekicks incur the wrath of a horny half human/half reptile hybrid and his evil spawn in genre stalwart Charles Band's sexy tale of terror. Here's a bizzare story involving horny characters, mislead by their hormones and promises of having threesome/foursomes/midgetsomes...I wasn't sure if this was demon-porn or a horror movie. Either way, it made a baby sequel.

Marta K (de) wrote: Good, but it is one of these movies that you are unable to precise why you like it. Simple. I woder if the number of Celtic fans grew after the coming out of this movie :P

Jack C (fr) wrote: It is only fair to say that this movie is junk, first class junk. It actually makes me want to jab my eyes out with a fork, even when I'm sitting here thinking about it. It had such potential in its plot line, but it is just a terrible movie. Robert De Niro is probably the only good actor, the kid looks different after he's cloned for some reason, having different DNA in him would just make him look different-it would not turn him evil. This film's knowledge of genetic science is absolutely appalling! It's supposed to be about "God's end" hence the title, but this has nothing to do with God! They mention him once & they NEVER bring him up again! Worst of all, the ending makes no sense whatsoever! But what really surprises me is how many people say they're actually afraid of this movie! It's not scary, the shocks are cheap and predictable and all in all this is an awful movie! Ludicrous dialogue, almost unbelievable lack of biological knowledge, unscary, no character development & horrible acting. I hated this movie and it is easily one of the worst things I've ever seen. I would have more interest in watching grass die than having to see this garbage again! De Niro, stick to Meet the Parents!

Russell H (gb) wrote: not terrible but not as cool as it could have been

Shashank S (ru) wrote: Rarely does one comes across a film that so wonderfully depicts the troubled history of a nation through its central character .. Much like the way 'Best of Youth' (La miglior Gioventu) did for Italy .. This one does it for South Korea .. A brilliant epic with some unforgettable cinematic moments ..

Angela M (mx) wrote: I am not for abortion but killing the dr's is disgusting. I was sickened by the killing of the dr. I also felt for the mother who choose to have another baby when she already had 5 I could imagine hhow she felt. Was a good movie

Toby J (kr) wrote: A very good cast, particularly the main two characters of Hanks & Washington convey the sensitive message very well. Hanks deserved his awards for his performance, stellar.

Kiah R (gb) wrote: This is one awesome movie ! I remmeber watching it 24-7

Denise P (us) wrote: Although the subject matter is undeniably dry and stuffy, Admission is nevertheless a heartfelt, light and sincere comedy that beautifully emphasizes the unpredictable messiness of work, parenting and motherhood -- and is bolstered by brilliantly charming performances from Tina Fey and Paul Rudd.

Steve W (ca) wrote: Heavy on the action and very light on plot, the movie is entertaining but not memorable.