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Jeff R (kr) wrote: Tremendous comedy! LOL

Toms J (de) wrote: Ee by gum brilliant!

Wasim S (it) wrote: Left me with quite a few unanswered questions!

Amethyst v (mx) wrote: Funny, love story of a dizzy blond who lands a top job and ends up with the bosses son.

Ryan T (ru) wrote: A fun, musical masterpiece. This film combines the stunning settings of Greece with the fluent chemistry of the starring roles perfectly, making this film a diamond in the rough.

Kieu N (es) wrote: I will never forget this one scene in the ocean...along with the background music...most beautifully shot.

Dave J (nl) wrote: Monday, October 22, 2012 (2001) Domestic Disturbance THRILLER (May contain spoils) Vince Vaugn plays Rick Barnes, a social path and he is about to marry Susan played by Teri the ex- wife of a guy named Frank played by John Travolta the star of the movie both share custody with a rebellious son named Jason. Everything goes normal until Ray Coleman (Steve Buscemi) shows up at the wedding and some point and Jason sneaking into the back seat of Rick's SUV, he witnesses a murder and a cover up. And of course, no one including the cops believes him except his father Frank, motivating him to do some investigating on his own. Again, this is just another routine thriller that displays incompetent police work- no follow up nor description about what this person were to look like, no leads or interrogating about the whereabouts of this particular person nor why any witnesses were to come forward whether this Ray person has left the city or not. Oh yeah, the only reason why the Vince Vaugn character got away for so long for a charage of racketeering in Chicago was because he was going by a different names. Listening to the director commentary was optioned on this commerical DVD version for I didn't care about it at all. It's supposed to be another rendition of "The boy who cried wolf" scenio but in order to accomplish this feat have to make the Teri Polo character playing the ex to be dumbed down including dismissable police work. And Vince Vaughn is excellent as a social path but this film doesn't do anything for him. 1 out of 4

Vikalp T (de) wrote: The Evergreen Movie Of Romance

Nicholas W (mx) wrote: Shaq Diesel in full effect

Jose Luis M (kr) wrote: Impecable cinta de poca, muy buena en la forma y en las actuaciones

John A (ag) wrote: One of my favorite comedy romances.

Chris (us) wrote: 50's Sci-Fi/Horror flick about a giant alien criminal brain that takes over some idiot and plans on ruling the Universe.If you like this stuff, see it, otherwise don't bother.

Hooman E (fr) wrote: Way ahead of its time. Great watch.

Cliff J (fr) wrote: I get it: Lysistrata in modern day Chicago. But it feels like Spike needed to make some hard choices. Ancient Greek or Modern America? Both and? No. You end up with selective rhyming, female stereotypes and over-simplified gang failed as an adaptation, it failed as a realistic portrayal. So much unrealized potential here. West Side Story it is not.

Robert S (it) wrote: Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Orlok W (au) wrote: Surprisingly sadistic backwoods Cult Horror Fave--An appreciable skewering of maternal love!!

Jack G (kr) wrote: Kerry Washington is one of our finest actresses.