Standing Still

Standing Still

A chain reaction of confrontations and romantic encounters occurs when college friends reunite for one's wedding.

Standing Still is the story of a popular yet drunken actor who reconnects with a group of his college friends for a wedding several years after graduation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy P (ag) wrote: This tries to be more intellectual than it actually is, but it does give the viewer stuff to think about. Some really nice montage sequence stuff and a fairly interesting plot make for a nice watch. This does commit some "indie" crimes, but not so much that it seems vague (actually, it's pretty easy to follow). A good find.

Andrew B (it) wrote: Typical Verhoeven fare in that it sneaks in smart ideas under the guise of a dumb action picture, solid and cerebral popcorn entertainment.

Bill S (mx) wrote: One of my all time favorite documentaries about comic books. Very informative !!!!

Janis M (mx) wrote: En rtt obegriplig historia om tv frfattare som klamrat sig kvar i ett hyreshus som r fallfrdigt. Snoop r kolerisk och den andra r mer trtt och allt gr t skogen frsts.

Helen H (br) wrote: A follow up to the first movie, not bad, but I still prefer the first.

Michael R (au) wrote: Great Horror Film...

Trent C (es) wrote: Mid-level Abbott and Costello. Pretty funny, but not their best... not their worst either.

Matt R (jp) wrote: A film a little too well-crafted for B-movie camp, and too ridiculous for real horror. The titular antagonist is a wicked treat, but everything else is a surprising dud.