Stanley and Livingstone

Stanley and Livingstone

When American newspaperman and adventurer Henry M. Stanley comes back from the western Indian wars, his editor James Gordon Bennett sends him to Africa to find Dr. David Livingstone, the missing Scottish missionary. Stanley finds Livingstone ("Dr. Livingstone, I presume.") blissfully doling out medicine and religion to the happy natives. His story is at first disbelieved.

When American newspaperman and adventurer Henry M. Stanley comes back from the western Indian wars, his editor James Gordon Bennett sends him to Africa to find Dr. David Livingstone, the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John T (us) wrote: Didn't love this one. A bunch of cheerleaders are infected with a crazy killing spirit that revolved around magic gems...

Tuomas R (es) wrote: Pitkitetty viimeist "nytst" lukuun ottamatta taas hyv leffa Sonolta. Loistavat roolityt nuorelta pparilta!

Beth B (au) wrote: Finally able to watch this movie. The lack of remorse by these guys is stunning...and I guess not surprising given the size of their egos. And how they duped their own employees (the little people) is criminal. Glad to see Fastow and Skilling doing time.

Rogue S (gb) wrote: Not bad. I like the dancing.

Cheryl C (es) wrote: i was expecting a political sort of documentary...but this was amusing.

Frank C (ru) wrote: Although I stand alone in my opinion, "Detroit Rock City" is on the same order as "Dazed and Confused" for me in terms of the perfect chill out movie. It's a great "adolescent" movie with great pacing, hilarious events, and some truly "fuck yea" moments that make it endlessly re-watchable. I love it.

(jp) wrote: I'm not even interested in seeing this movie.

Sandy (kr) wrote: The Carry On Series Rocks!!!

Dan F (es) wrote: In the future, companies make bank by injecting people with the viruses contracted by their most revered super-celebrities, in a twisted effort to become closer to their idols. A tech at one of these companies also smuggles the fresh virii out of his building by injecting himself; trouble arises when the celebrity unexpectedly dies, leaving the staffer little time to learn what went wrong before he suffers the same fate.Syd March (Caleb Landry Jones) is that tech, Syd. He's got a pretty sweet gig, selling the virii he harvests to pirates who then alternately inject people with the virus (for a nice price) and grow the equivalent of steaks - really! - with the pathogens for their customers' dining pleasure. How does he do this? Volume! No, actually, what the company does is inject the virus into a machine that essentially copy protects the virus, making the virus proprietary. His company, the Lucas Clinic, is contracted to take blood from dying celeb Hannah Geist (Sarah Gadon), and Syd injects himself and quickly becomes disoriented, weak, and feverish. When Syd attempts to remove the copy protection by using his own machine, the console is destroyed.It is a story that shines a bright, infected light on society's devotion to all things celebrity. How far would a superfan go to be a part of a famous person's life? Would they infect themselves with noncontagious herpes? Chew on a regrown kidney? You know something...I think they would, at least the more deranged and sociopathic fans. Such a connection is exponentially stronger than a simple autographed photo. You've not just been recognized by them; you are part of them.The director is one Brandon Cronenberg, son of David, and the son has the same predilection for the macabre as the father. The obsession with celebrities, all too apparent in real life, is shown to be pretty normal in the film's fictional universe, and yet the horror of playing with the fire of fast-spreading pathogens undercuts this seeming normalcy with an almost Jones' Syd pretends to be just another hustler, but he's really as demented as his customers (and clients). Jones plays Syd perfectly as a shady, somewhat-sullen man of little distinction; also noteworthy are Joe Pingue as Arvid (employee of the celebrity meat market), Wendy Crewson as the head of a rival pathogen company, and Malcolm McDowell, playing yet another doctor, this time with skin grafts from his favorite celebrity.Antiviral is a horror mystery, with buckets of blood and oodles of intrigue. It's a creepy allegory of man's lust for fame of any kind, viewed through a prism of late-1980s Canadian horror. It's a fine, engrossing film.

Facebook U (de) wrote: Much better than the first one with barely a scatological joke. This one is mostly fun with few bad moments. I definitely had fun and even laughed out loud a couple of times toward the end, which surprised me! Well, a couple of jokes I didn't see coming. Loved the real James Bondish bits near the end as well. English reborn, redeems himself. I liked Gillian and Rosamund. Rosamund is expressive contrary to her usual botox-face and incredibly cute a few times. Enjoyable time for all ages.

Timothy S (de) wrote: Since it became the benchmark for killer animal movies after its release, every film that has followed has simply been a variation of "Jaws" to some degree or another. Some have been entertaining and others simply wretched. The pleasantly diverting sleeper "Lake Placid" is one of the better ones, employing a nice and welcome sense of humor amid all of the standard horror film cliches. Credit screenwriter David E. Kelley as a fresh set of eyes to the genre to make that combination work so well together here. He's more famous for writing smart TV shows, and he puts his stamp all over this ridiculous thriller. The casting is a breath of fresh air as well, and the main cast of B-listers bring out the best in the script. Bridget Fonda and a completely out-of-place Oliver Platt are the best, and their random quips sometimes feel improvised. Still, the humor works within the context of this outlandish, preposterous story. The late great Stan Winston gets the credit for the creature effects, which are convincing for the most part. Even the CGI blends in nicely and is not so glaringly obvious. On the surface it may sound like yet another clunker on the late night Sy Fy channel, but the smart writing and unusual casting sets this apart. The basic premise is ludicrous, as are the explanations that Kelley comes up with to try to make it plausible, but "Lake Placid" scores points as a horror comedy that's fast-paced and actually funny. It's hardly great art, but you could do a lot worse on a Friday night.

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