Star Odyssey

Star Odyssey

Earth is attacked by an intergalactic villain and his army of robotic androids.

Earth is attacked by an intergalactic villain and his army of robotic androids. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew M (kr) wrote: the tale actually centres around this low level drug runner who is forced to start working with this ex-military gang. A wealthy old guy hires him to get his daughter back from the gang... his life falls apart..... and so forth.....not too bad of a movie. gives an intersting look at a small time crime bullocks.... just really not too exciting or deep or anyhitng....underperforms

Pter K (ag) wrote: vicces volt, Dorka meg szexi a munkja ellenre is

Moe E (mx) wrote: I've stated in the past that you have to kiss a lot of frogs when you venture into the realm of independent films. With that said, I must admit that we've had a good run of late and seen some truly outstanding movies. That run came to a screeching halt with this flick and I take full responsibility for having chosen this dog. One has to imagine that it was very well received in whatever art house it played in, but went over with a thud in our house. The two star rating is for the cinematography, set design and with the exception of one particular character and his henchmen, for the costuming.

H L (kr) wrote: Loved it, perfect mix of reality and humour

Andrew S (it) wrote: Bahaha! Stephanie Hackl, if u see this you know why I'm laughing. :)

Josephine E (ag) wrote: a classic. beautiful love story. the search for land, freedom, and the american dream.

Steve W (de) wrote: I mainly watched this for Min-ski Choi. He plays an unemployed father who starts doing household chores and his wife is the primary breadwinner. She is having an affair, and he slowly amasses evidence and then reacts rather harshly. The final 20 minutes has some good moments, but this drama is very slow.

Scott M (nl) wrote: A film about courage in the face of evil. The makers want to inspire people that bravery, and the belief in the dignity of all human beings, can overcome hatred.

Joseph N (es) wrote: A movie that deserves repeated viewings.

Phil P (nl) wrote: "Muffsia" say it again

Aidan H (jp) wrote: Bad slapstick. Just wasn't getting into it.