Star Runner

Star Runner

Preparing for the hand-to-hand battle of his life and the title of Champion Star Runner, a headstrong fighter creates a deadly hybrid mix of Thai kickboxing and Chinese kung fu. Get ready for the ultimate Pan-Asian mixed martial arts competition, where anything goes and lives are bought and sold.

Preparing for the hand-to-hand battle of his life and the title of Champion Star Runner, a headstrong fighter creates a deadly hybrid mix of Thai kickboxing and Chinese kung fu. Get ready for the ultimate Pan-Asian mixed martial arts competition, where anything goes and lives are bought and sold. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charlie G (gb) wrote: People are being attacked in the beginning of the movie by some goofy hippy cop with chewing tobacco. Rather dark and cynical. Took a long time to do anything. Mostly anticipation. Can't say the acting was bad. And when the scenes did come it was so gross and perverted I couldn't take my eyes away. It started to turn out pretty good. A Snuff film gone bad.

Qi Z (us) wrote: It has moments of genuine genius, but the overall comedy does not fit in all the pieces.

Frank P (nl) wrote: Holy Batshit, its like the Tenderloin, with costumes!

Reno V (gb) wrote: "BEWARE OF THE BRAZILIAN ORGAN DEALERS" - 'Turistas' is a 2006 horror film produced and directed by John Stockwell (Into the Blue, Dark Tide). The movie follows the torture-porn theme of the 'Saw'- and 'Hostel' franchises, but was unable to convince me. The story about a group of young tourists that fall into the hands of organ dealers, feels inspired by some urban legend, but just falls apart along the way. Needless to say why the film was no success in Brazil. Starring: Josh Duhamel (Transformers saga), Melissa George (The Amityville Horror Remake, 30 Days of Night) and Olivia Wilde(Cowboys & Aliens, Tron Legacy). 'You'll be dying to stay!'Alex (Duhamel), his sister Bea (Wilde) and their friend Amy are backpacking in Brazil. One day they decide to take the local bus. After a near death accident with their bus, the youngsters are joined by English tourists Finn and Liam, and the Australian Pru (George). The six of them find a bar and party all night long with the locals. When they wake up, the beach is deserted and all of them have been robbed. They meet the friendly Kiko, who joins them to the nearest town. But there the boys get into trouble when they chase children who are wearing their stolen items. To prevent more trouble, Kiko guides the group to his uncle's house in the woods, where they can wait for the next bus to come. Unknowingly, the tourists walk into a deadly trap...

AJ R (jp) wrote: A gripping plot, an excellent cast and the perfect blend of violent and tear-jerking moments makes "The Descent" a claustrophobic masterpiece.

Gus W (jp) wrote: Awful, just plain awful. I thought I could enjoy this movie for its ridiculously bad production values and extreme camp, but not even that is enough to offset the misery. Our "main" character, a Dinosaur named Theodore Rex starts talking about two minutes into the film, and does not stop for the ENTIRE FILM. This movie is an hour and a half of just inane chatter and I hate it. I hate it with every wretched fiber of my being. I wish that I could hate it to death.The major failing of this movie is that it doesn't know what it wants to be. There's a dark and twisted murder/political intrigue plot that's clearly not intended for children. Then we see Theodore Rex (who I'm convinced is just the exact same costume from the "Dinosaurs" TV show) and his inane, infuriating chatter, and the juvenile slapstick humor. It's hard to pretend your movie is intended for adult audiences when one of the main characters is a sentient dinosaur puppet who loves cookies even more than the cookie monster does. Fuck this movie. Fuck this movie. FUCK THIS MOVIE.This movie is proof that Hollywood just stopped caring.

Luke E (au) wrote: Jim Jarmusch's breakthrough film is this superbly crafted urban tale set in the bleak american landscape, where work is little and oportunity is diminishing. Stranger Than Paradise is integently shot and told by Jarmusch along with the performance strengths of the film's three leads. Each Character has their own intentions and ambitions but cannot get along together enough due to the changing world around them. Jarmusch shows his signatory writing style incorporating smart dialogue with deadpan humour. What really works for this film is the sheer amount of substance and awkward reality that constitutes story's morals.

Eric R (ag) wrote: It had been awhile since I had seen it, so I decided it was time to re-watch one of Peckinpah's lesser talked about films. Cross of Iron, is an engrossing, gritty film that really feels like a genuine depiction of War. The film is told from the German perspective, following a platoon of soldiers on the Russian front. Led by their battle-hardened Sergeant (James Coburn), they are faced with dealing not only with the Russian troops but with the dogmatic nature of their commanding officers. The film brilliantly captures the insanity of war and all the complexities and absurdities which exist. The foot soldiers know they are fighting a lost cause but have no say in the matter, essentially being at the mercy of their superiors. Peckinpah spends as much time focusing on the psychological horrors as he does on the physical destruction which War causes. James Coburn is perfectly cast as the hardened Sergeant balancing the toughness with the vulnerability of the character, which is more beneath the surface. The film is very blunt and really focuses on the separation between the men who do the fighting and the men who give the orders. A truly great anti-war film from the German perspective.

Mitchell B (fr) wrote: Just as funny as the first

MF J (kr) wrote: This is sci fi flick full of amazing stunts, a beautiful Charlize Theron going wild on action & some interesting ideas for a future world. This is far from a great film but it's entertaining and pleasant enough. teenagers will love it though.

Will P (nl) wrote: If it were possible to give this movie more than 5 stars I would. Best comedy of the century.

Emma L (nl) wrote: Hitman version femme... avec beaucoup beaucoup de femmes... :)

Richard K (es) wrote: Seriously, how did this piece of shit even get funding?! Now takes the top spot for worst film I've ever seen...couldn't even watch the whole thing....

Scott P (it) wrote: Both better and worse than expected. Very funny stupid, but lazy. As much as I did actually laugh out loud (and, in equal measure, cringe off to another room for all the awkward), the outtakes were the best part of the movie.