Star Spangled Girl

Star Spangled Girl

I may be provincial and old-fashioned. I may believe in a lot of dead things like patriotism and the Constitution, and I like apple pie, because that's the dumb way I was brought up, and that's the dumb way I feel!

A pair of 60's hippies fall in love with the girl next door, who is exactly the kind of square that they are fighting against. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leena L (us) wrote: Suspense. Yes. But at times going to weird places....

Cheryl L (kr) wrote: The movie was okay but wouldn't be interested in watching it again. Some annoying characters.

Amy B (ru) wrote: one of the best indian movies ever made... Chitrangada Singh is so pretty.. great music too

Nick B (de) wrote: I really wanted to like this but I dont know, i was just really disapointed I really enjoy alot of Troma's other work but i just didnt dig this as much, there were some great scenes and the sex scene was pretty full on, I dont know there wasnt as much shock value as i was hoping for...did have a pretty funny ending though.

TheScarlatescu R (kr) wrote: really good movie, and teaches you where to find comedy

Morgan W (gb) wrote: this is the 4th sequel to horror of dracula. it is a good sequel but not as dark as the others.

Rostislav K (fr) wrote: One of the best World War II movies that I have seen... No love stories or visual effects - pure story, effort to the task...

Allan C (mx) wrote: Not an Astaire classic, but it's enjoyable enough. Fred Astaire and Burgess Meredith are musicians trying to get a spot in Artie Shaw's band, while at the same time woo Paulette Goddard. There aren't that many dance numbers, but it's reasonably entertaining and never dull, which is about parr for the course with musical romantic comedies. I've always liked Paulette Goddard and thought she should have been a bigger star, so that may have increased my enjoyment factor more than it would for others.

Darrin C (de) wrote: Just when I thought vampires were played out and unchanged for too long comes this original and thought-out movie. It is interesting to see how vampires would inevitably evolve and the surviving humans would have to deal.

Sage H (nl) wrote: One of my favorite Dirty Harry films, if not my favorite. It had all of the seriousness of Magnum Force as it did coolness of the first but instead more of a combination of the previous three Dirty Harry movies. Probably because Clint directed it. Everything was great about this one and had, in my opinion, some of the most memorable moments in the series.

Derek W (au) wrote: Unsettling and macabre yet captivating, Videodrome's special effects and VHS aesthetic create a distant yet familiar universe of violence and obsession.

Adam G (kr) wrote: Its not bad but it is unoriginal and uninteresting. A mediocre, slightly entertaining movie that will likely be lost in just a couple years.