Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

The year is 2306… 12 years ago, Captain Kirk was swept away by the Nexus. One year later, Commander Scott was reported missing along with the USS Jenolen. The remaining USS Enterprise crew have split. Captain Spock and Doctor McCoy are on Khitomer, continuing their work towards peace the Klingon Empire. Captain Sulu and the Excelsior are on a mission beyond the Alpha Quadrant. Captain Chekov, feels his career has stalled, leaving him to ponder retirement. Captain Uhura, Director of Starfleet Linguistics, feels there may be something missing in her life.Now, Chekov and Uhura, with John Harriman, former Captain of the Enterprise-B, come together for the dedication of a new ship. However, their reunion is cut short when they receive a distress call from an all-too-familiar planet, where they meet up with an almost-forgotten face, and in an instant, something happens that presses the three friends to embark on a mission that will forever change their lives…

It is the year 2306. Thirteen years have passed since Captain James T. Kirk was swept away by the Nexus, after saving the crew of the Enterprise-B. The remaining crew members of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert S (fr) wrote: A lot of great scares!.. a little to similar to the first, but stands up well!.good movie.

Sydney A (kr) wrote: so want to see this movie sooo bad

Paul T (mx) wrote: One of the best pieces of crap i have ever seen.

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Orlok N (es) wrote: this movie is better than it supposed to be!!

Jeff B (ca) wrote: For the most part this was nothing special, but the ending was pretty cool.

David P (ca) wrote: Although it's far from a great sci-fi movie, it is a fun and enjoyable ride, which is all you can really ask for in the end.

Alfredo S (ca) wrote: Akira gives what you would expect from an anime feature film, but in the most amazing and thoughtful way possible

Jamie C (de) wrote: Not as good as it should been, Very little to remember but a few nice shots of New York destruction, The cast were boring and Godzilla wasn't as fierce as it should of been, And it was too predictable that it was hard to really enjoy.

Tom H (nl) wrote: OK Chan mystery has a fun plot but is stiff with bad comic relief. A better print might's made it more enjoyable.

The J (ca) wrote: This was my all time childhood favourite. I watched it hundreds of times, it was that good.

maxwell w (es) wrote: It looks like shrek may actually be love.

Alfredo S (fr) wrote: An unexpectedly mature Dreamworks flick, but unamusing enough to make it difficult to go through the second watch

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