Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

When a destructive space entity is spotted approaching Earth, Admiral Kirk resumes command of the Starship Enterprise in order to intercept, examine, and hopefully stop it.

When a destructive space entity is spotted approaching Earth, Admiral Kirk resumes command of the Starship Enterprise to intercept, examine, and stop it. Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley and the cast from the acclaimed Star Trek television series mobilize at warp speed to stop the alien intruder from its relentless flight toward Earth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Star Trek: The Motion Picture torrent reviews

Cynthia V (gb) wrote: very good awsome gonna buy it

Matthew S (ag) wrote: Loosely based on the story of Doris Lessing's novel, "White Material" is without question, Clair Denis' most personal film yet. Isabelle Huppert gives another in a string of amazing performances as a determined woman who married into a wealthy white French family who runs a highly profitable African coffee plant. It is clear that since her former Father-in-law has sunk into a sort of drunken retirement, it has been her blood, sweat and tears that has kept the plantation and mill working. Long divorced from her husband, she seems to have largely raised their clearly somehow damaged son and is now more involved with her ex-husband's new wife and child than she really cares to be --- all of the challenges of her daily life take a back seat when the family's coffee plantation is threatened by an African Civil War and racial conflict. Denis does not hold your hand. Much is never clearly explained. Luckily she has Huppert who can convey more with a glance or slight movement than most actors can achieve with a page of dialogue. We come to understand that Huppert's "Maria" is fighting her own internal struggle with sympathy for the revolution going on around her, but she is determined to get one last last coffee season completed. It almost seems as if her determination is fueled by her frustrations with this family and its stupidity in the way it has handled relations with the African natives of the land. When her confused son allows a controversial African "Hero" who stands in opposition to this current regime attempting revolution a hiding place in their sprawling cave of a home -- challenges take on a far more dangerous level of risk -- not just for the family business but for the family itself. As the hate-fueled rebellion gains rage and vengeance, the family is placed under "house arrest" and no one is willing to help Maria save her crop. The last quarter of this film is so very important that I hesitate to write much more. Suffice to say that Claire Denis uses this familial and simultaneous civil war as reminders of the depths of human cruelty can take in the form of "ideals" and "control" -- In the end our protagonist comes face to face with Evil Face of Racism and the result is as surprising as it is devastating. Claire Denis may not offer much in the way of explanation as she really doesn't need to do, but she holds nothing back in this visceral and disturbingly violent film. This is a world where "race" is really not the true motivation. "Children" are no more valuable than the money and righteousness that power can provide. Weapons are in the wrong hands -- sometimes too small to even hold them. And "innocence" and "evil intent" are meaningless in a coup bent on power. Like Maria, we are left struggling to understand the enormity of what has just happened and continues to happen. This is a blunt and brutal cerebral gut punch of a film. Be warned: This film is quite violent. Not for the feint of heart. However, if you think you can handle it -- Claire Denis has a great deal to say here -- And Isabelle Huppert gives one of her strongest film performances of her already breath-taking career. Cinematic Masterpiece.

Patrick C (kr) wrote: If the Hallmark Channel was a little bit gayer, this would probably run like five times a day...

Jamie I (ru) wrote: 300 is one of the most visually stunning films I've seen in a while. Be warned. It is very gory. Limbs fly across a giant screen at an alarming rate. Don't let that stop you from seeing it though. I sat opened mouthed gripping Jay's hand most of the evening. Watch for the oracle scene in the beginning. It is the most beautiful scene. See this movie. Do it for SPARTA!

Annbjrg A (es) wrote: Good, but did not like the end..

Jonah H (nl) wrote: This 1970 classic pits the establishment against the hippies. The film does a good job of bringing to life the counterculture cliches of the time. Hilarious hippie shenanigans with a deft touch of gratuitous violence. The costumes look authentic. Bonus: Pre-plastic surgery Susan Sarandon film debut as the overdosing hippie daughter of a NY ad exec.

Tre R (jp) wrote: A little dumb and rushed at times, Batman: assault on Arkham seems to be fan service for both the comic book fans and for the teenage boys watching it. Some of the charters are completely useless, like that communist that even got his own title card and everything that dies in less than half an hour into the film. And the plot has to revolve around batman not the side-characters this film was made to showcase, the dubbing of the animation can be terrible at worst and bad at best. But with that said the fight scenes are cool and the story is creative. all in all this is an OK movie worth checking out.

Emmie T (it) wrote: Silly fun, innuendos and double entendres - what more do you want?!

Heather B (fr) wrote: Weird. Unfortunately RP keeps choosing movies that his character has to be monotoned & stone faced. I'd love to see him in a role where he can be a normal varied human being.

Hassan I (gb) wrote: Despite a memorable performance from the reliable Denzel Washington, "John Q." is an over-dramatic, unrealistic and predictable film which fails to deliver. As always, Washington is at the top of his game. He manages to carry a film which cannot stand on it own, due to laughable dialogue, a preposterous plot and and a far-fetched ending. Though entertaining, it's surprising to see a star of the caliber of Washington in such a pile of mess.

Taneshia D (de) wrote: Only watched it because there was nothing else to watch and it had Zac Efron in it and it was pathetically predictable. Plot was predictable, jokes were slapstick and for a comedy, I cracked a smile once when Mikey goes to the party thinking it was a fancy dress party. I had high hopes for this movie but i was really Disappointed.

Tanveer A (it) wrote: A great little gem of a movie that'd make you laugh out loud.

Jason M (jp) wrote: Much better than any of the Oscar nominees and the winner, Spotlight.

Felipe F (ru) wrote: Well-written and deftly directed, Atlantic City takes a spin on the romance genre and boasts strong performances from Burt Lancaster and Susan Sarandon.

Sarah L (jp) wrote: Several very well written twists in this movie. The dark and gritty character Belushi plays is good and Tupac plays his part in the movie well.