Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Anakin Skywalker, a young slave strong with the Force, is discovered on Tatooine. Meanwhile, the evil Sith have returned, enacting their plot for revenge against the Jedi.

Two Jedi Knights escape a hostile blockade to find allies and come across a young boy who may bring balance to the Force, but the long dormant Sith resurface to reclaim their old glory . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ashley H (it) wrote: Dawn Rider is a disappointing film. It is about John Mason who is willing to turn the world inside out to find the man responsible after his father is killed. Christian Slater and Donald Sutherland give terrible performances. The script is badly written. Terry Miles did a horrible job directing. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

David D (it) wrote: Probably the best of the series, so it gets that extra half a star

James J (fr) wrote: it was low budget but its worth a watch i liked the actor who played the killer ill give it 4/10

Jonathan H (it) wrote: Not scary, and not really worth watching.

Luke W (ca) wrote: This film is a dark satire, while it serves as commentary on the undereducated poor of industrialized rural communities of Texas. In real life, the city of Midlothian itself is a an extremely depressing place to be. (It's on the EPA watchlist as one of the unhealthiest places to live in America; residents of Midlothian call it the Cement Capital of Texas.) I'm frustrated, because I can't express my rating as a percentage. My rating is not arbitrary. I give it an 82% rating, based on acting, story, directing, editing, and other criteria. Bill Sebastian, the filmmaker, adapted this film from a stage play, so it's not as action-oriented as Bill's ninja film, nor is there as much slapstick humor.

Amie S (it) wrote: Saw it in the IMAX theater... breathtaking!

Jithin G (de) wrote: Shaad Ali manged to remake the original Mani Ratnam Love Story with R Madhavan and Shalini into a super duper awesome romantic love story with excellent performances from Vivek and Rani and top hats to AR Rehman for the music........

Rainer G (it) wrote: Unflinching, candid, and moving in its honesty. This portrait of the school year of a small French school highlights the incredible importance of the relationship between student and teacher. Georges Lopez's, the dedicated teacher who acts as the doc's main subject, is a teacher whose dedication, and patience is invaluable to the development of young children. In America today this relationship has been reduced to almost a professional acquaintance, and the most vital ingredient of learning has been all but lost from most public schooling institutions: love.

Sarvesh J (kr) wrote: Actually its not a bad show.

Vena V (au) wrote: Just love this movie!!

Adam L (au) wrote: A paper tiger sequel or at least all signs point in that direction. Released less than four months after its predecessor "The Bride with White Hair 2" uses footage from the first film liberally to prop-up the 78 minute sequel's exposition-heavy story. Some have said this is the worst sequel to a solid film made during Hong Kong's so-called golden age and maybe they're right.

Bastion f (au) wrote: I loved IT, and would still watch it again, Oop's i have!!! Very apt for the earer and very dear to my heart ,especially if you live with HIV and need a good cry...Which sometimes helps me anyway.

Jeri P (ag) wrote: I can't believe I had never seen this. It's dated and cheesy, but it's funny and makes me nostalgic. I love all the fashion styles and music.

Andrea E (it) wrote: Maravillosa fbula de la libertad... Ridely Scott le hace un falso homenaje ne "Thelma & Louise".

Kevin R (de) wrote: Simplicity works in this films favour. Well crafted occult, nazi, WWII film. The three main leads were excellent, the story realistically done as it were for a demonic film. Loved the red devil make up and gore and a good ending. All in all a good little surprise.

Ricky M (kr) wrote: Grade: D+ Slice of life L.A. story with awful characters and personas...

T W (br) wrote: Didn't make it very far into this one. Pacing was maybe too realistic. Like watching the grass grow. Not very dramatic.