Star Watching Dog

Star Watching Dog

An abandoned car is discovered near a camping ground and inside it is the body of an identified middle-aged man and a dog who seems to have died months later. This is the story of the life of the loving and faithful dog and his owner told from the dog's point of view. City hall employee Kyousuke Okutsu is assigned to uncover the man's identity for a proper funeral. As he investigates the situation, he remembers his late family and his own dog's unfailing loyalty.

A film adaptation of a Manga cartoon by Takashi Murakami of Osaka (not the contemporary artist from Tokyo)... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ekene O (nl) wrote: Grade: B-. It was better than okay, but not at the good level due to the fact that the plot is very confusing at points and provides very few laughs.

Josh P (fr) wrote: Great comedy with many laughs to remember

Alexander B (es) wrote: It was better than I thought it would be and there are a few good scenes and tense moments. Decent acting from the lead, not as much from the others. I'm kind of tired of generic scifi films where they discover life out there and it ends up turning humans into killing machines. sigh. All that being said, I didn't waste my time (watching it for free on Netflix).

crystal e (es) wrote: i want to see that movie so bad

Robert C (au) wrote: Story is cute but non-credible. Acting is below par. Chemistry between mains is poor. Somewhat satisfying ending.

Katrina B (nl) wrote: love this movie didn't want it to end

Alexander P (ca) wrote: worst in the series and is quite low in the acting department - should have ended it after number two - hopefully if they do another or a remake it might re-energise the franchise

Giorgio P (jp) wrote: An innocent and entertaining rom com

Zane T (jp) wrote: This is one of those movie you catch on Skinemax at two in the morning and wonder why you're watching it. Obviously, because of Elisabeth Shue and the promise of nudity. Actually, the whole nude scene is totally creepy. Link is an orangutan who goes crazy and kills mad chimp scientist Terence Stamp early on because his idea of researching chimps is being violent and aggressive toward them. Well, he is killed and Elisabeth Shue is so much an airhead, she hangs around wondering where the doctor is, while Link sneaks in on her while she is drawing a bath. Some body falls down a well and dies and Link tries to push a van off a cliff. Other than that, I fell asleep. This movie is great if you have insomnia.

Spookie M (ca) wrote: Lost classic fo sho good luck finding a copy!

Shawn W (ru) wrote: Kansas City meat packer and prostitution racket skips payments to Chicago bosses and sends their collector back as weiners. Top enforcer Lee Marvin is sent to straighten things out. Ending scene of freed orphans running in a field was a bit much.

Esha K (es) wrote: Just watched it after 8 years... Still funny :D