A pair of smugglers manage to pick up a castaway while running from the authorities, who turns out to be the only survivor from a secret mission to destroy a mysterious superweapon designed by the evil Count Zartharn. The smugglers are soon recruited by the Emperor to complete the mission, as well as to rescue the Emperor's son, who has gone missing.

An outlaw smuggler and her alien companion are recruited by the Emperor of the Galaxy to rescue his son and destroy a secret weapon by the evil Count Zarth Arn. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Starcrash torrent reviews

David T (fr) wrote: Yeah it's pretty bad but there is an audience out there for it. Personally I liked Tommy Chong's cameo out of the whole thing. If he was in the whole thing like as one of the roommates or something than I probably would of liked this more. The other cameos just came off as too random and I love Bill Moseley. If you're looking for cheap bad movies that existed in the exploitation era, this would be one of them. This is a modernized version of those movies.

Puneet K (ag) wrote: My all time Fav. always .

Joana C (gb) wrote: Terrific and brilliant. Finally a portuguese movie that admits the errors of the past administration and it's consequences for the african colonies.A wonderful film, beautifull and very detailed. My only sorrow, it's rather short. But the voyage portrayed, of a intrinsic beauty and lasting memory. The protagonist duo, have a chemistry that holds the audience glued to the screen, and the raw appeal of the story and sadness that portrails, inebriating. The moment when the bus, on which the old man and the boy make their home, journeys to the see, all the way from the river, a clear reference to the title, and the sad fate of the people of Moambique. The sleepwalkers live on though. I can't wait for the next movie by the talented Teresa Prata.

Richard S (ag) wrote: Although it was far stronger than I remembered, I'm not entirely sold on Assayas' homage to, well, a lot of things. Although I've enjoyed a few of his films, his genre exercises are rarely as coolly effortless as advertised. This is decidedly easier to watch than something like "Demonlover", but although he alternates between lampooning and admiring then-current Hollywood blockbusters, his work isn't that much more substantial. It's essentially a chance to dress up his soon-to-be wife in a latex catsuit while applying the nouvelle vague's self-referential qualities to 90s cultural touchstones. I don't have a problem with this approach, but aside from the fantastically edited/scored final sequence, it's not as great as the concept promises. 2.5+ .5 for the finale.

Jesse H (it) wrote: Rock-A-Doodle is one of the oddest films I have seen in a long time. Unfortunately, it isn't very good. My first problem with this film is the music. While some of the music is very good, there are a whole bunch of mini-songs in it that are about the most bizarre things, such as batteries. Beyond that, there is an overuse of narration in the film, even though none of it is necessary. As to the story, it feels like they just made it up as they went along, which is never a good thing. Watching this film, I found several points where I had no idea what the hell was going on. The characters in this film, although well animated, are never very interesting. To me, they all seem like cardboard-cutout characters, none of which are very fun to watch. However, there are points in this movie that are fun to watch simply as a guilty pleasure, and some of the songs are pretty catchy, but there are other points where it just is too much to tolerate. The film simply has too many ideas that don't work well together, and causes the film to become a cluttered mess. This doesn't mean that its' an awful film, because it most certainly is not. It's just is too odd for its' own good, thus alienating older audiences. Overall, Rock-A-Doodle is a very imaginative film that just has too many ideas to work. Although there are aspects of it that are done very well, there are many other aspects of it that are done poorly, making Rock-A-Doodle a very mediocre film. 2/5 stars.

Andras N (ag) wrote: Emotional and clever story with some inconsistencies. I did not like the little balls. I mean if you are this powerful or advanced race, you'd accomplish everything with your mind. Not some goofy balls. And the one ball left behind. Would not the NSA find that, somehow? All in all, it is a movie and I still enjoyed it a few times (3/4 maybe)

Heri C (nl) wrote: No tiene el encanto de otros trabajos del sr. Almodovar.

Russell S (es) wrote: There's something oddly forgettable about this movie, which is strange considering that it contains some of the best imaginative action sequences of the series and is a lot less silly than some of the other Bond movies. Is it partly due to an average main villain, or Bill Conti's peculiar ill-fitting score? John Barry is sorely missed here. Could it perhaps be that there are so many sets and locations that the film lacks visual focus? The funny thing is that this is in fact a great movie...just not the crowd pleaser that some of the other more memorable ones are.

Matt N (ru) wrote: very funny fight scenes, weak story but not a bad film

JD H (us) wrote: One of my all time favorite movies. This is what happens when good writing, great acting, and perfect directing all come together.

maryam a (ca) wrote: All cheerleaders die

Ian E (ag) wrote: Despite its plot being formulaic, "Coming to America" has a witty and effective comedic showcase from Eddie Murphy.

Yuri R (us) wrote: looked so good in previews but just felt meh after watching it. expected so much more

Mike C (ru) wrote: This movie is hysterical. A real comedic gem.

John B (de) wrote: Interesting movie, but, a little bizarre and a little tricky to follow