Stardust Memories

Stardust Memories

While attending a retrospect of his work, a filmmaker recalls his life and his loves: the inspirations for his films.

While attending a retrospect of his work, a filmmaker recalls his life and his loves: the inspirations for his films. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marvin B (ca) wrote: Just another legitimate vampire movie. It could have a better ending though.

Jason D (nl) wrote: In Diagnosis: Death, two random people, English teacher Raybon Kan and hot, student Jessica Grace Smith are coincidentally visited by strange ghostly figures, then stricken with a terminal cancer. Both attempt to extend their life by undergoing a radical treatment at an experimental drug-testing facility. While there, the two spark up a friendship and begin seeing strange visions that foretell a famous author's murdering of her child as well as her suicide, but are these visions real or part of the hallucinogenic inducing drugs. Does the creepy nurse (Suze Tye) who looks over everyone have any involvement in this? Some of you may be laughing too hard to notice in this authentically funny horror-comedy. While good on its own merit, the film has been highlighted as featuring the Flight of the Conchords gang: Bret McKenzie, Jermain Clement, and Rhys Darby. Don't get your hopes up though, Flight fans. Clement and Darby are only in the movie a couple of minutes a piece, though McKenzie has a moderately sizable role. Kudos should really be given to the film's three leads: Kan, Smith, and Tye, all of whom are new (or relatively new) to the film industry, yet manage to give some pretty funny performances. Overall, a surprisingly good film that I hope finds more attention amongst the American crowd. Good stuff.

Brian H (it) wrote: Sad but predictable documentary depicts a likely innocent woman caught in a snarl of media frenzy, bureaucratic incompetence and a well meaning but equally bungling group of family, friends and defense attorneys. As observers after the fact, we're certain she knew nothing of the smuggled drugs as we helplessly watch her ascent into hell.

Daniel D (de) wrote: Sam Jackson is one of my fave actors, but I just couldn't finish this movie. Terrible acting, terrible script, screw this movie.

Srini V (au) wrote: a milestone for director maniratnam . Abishek acting is great in d movie :)

Cara T (de) wrote: four people with various degrees of ocd-type psychological problems = madcap lolz. kinda reminded me of an old movie, especially at the end.

Dave S (ag) wrote: What fun! Sometimes you just need a feel good movie about.... Gay Soccer!? Cool! Yes, I like this one.

Giuliano D (nl) wrote: Beautiful movie, with a superb Diane Lane.

Ryan S (mx) wrote: This Disney film doesn't hold up very well. Certainly one of their weaker animated films, though there are a few things to like here

Tony P (us) wrote: Charles Bronson stars in one of his first major films as the leading man in what proves to be a peek at how is film career was to progress. In that I mean relatively low budget action/revenge B movies.Bronson here plays a US watermelon farmer called Vince Majestyk who needs to pick his 160 acre watermelon farm in a short timeframe before the relatively lucrative crop is rendered useless.He enlists the help of Mexican immigrants to achieve this.A bad guy tries to muscle in on his business and faces the wrath of Majestyk who faces assault charges in the process.Whilst in police custody he unwittingly makes an enemy of hitman Frank Render and this forms the fabric of the rest of the movie.The hunted becomes the hunter however as Majestyk faces up to his enemies following typical 1970s action sequences involving car chases, sheriff cars, station wagons and high velocity rifles.Majestyk eventually takes out Render with a gunshot that Dirty Harry would have been proud of!If you thought watermelons only began their cinematic existence as a prop in 1987s Dirty Dancing think again!

Tanner M (au) wrote: Orange!?! What the heck!!! Why are they orange. When you go sit down to watch a movie probably one of the last things you think about is weather they have good coloring in the movie. The colors in this movie are so off it was unwatchable. Also (since it's a B movie) the lighting was bad. So in some scenes you could hardly see anything. Now when we talk about the script you can see police arguing, driving, or looking in the forest looking confused as ever. The monster takes forever to appear but, it's a little creepy (a little). I also had no clue what the main plot was. and how did the spaceship tie in to all of this? Anyway watch it but, it needs to be restored then it'll probably be better.

Steve B (it) wrote: A good Ealing comedy

Carl M (fr) wrote: His third gore film in three years, COLOR ME BLOOD RED is the last of the three pictures that make up Herschell Gordon Lewis' original 'Blood Trilogy.' It is also the most sophisticated of any of his films, and one that is likely his most personal. It tells the tale of Adam Sorg, a struggling artist that only finds success after he begins painting in his victims' blood! The theme of the tortured artist is taken to absurd new heights (or lows, rather) in this gruesome black comedy. Lewis instills his frustrations with his own lack of critical acclaim through his preferred medium, while commenting on how his only means of receiving any recognition in film was to include more blood and gore. Surprisingly, COLOR is even more visceral than either of the other entries in the series, containing everything from the disemboweling of a model to a brain-splattering shotgun blast to the face. Gordon Oas-Heim also provides an intense performance as the lead, closing out the thrilling climax with a bang! While it rarely ranks as a favorite among fans, this truly is one of Lewis' better films.-Carl Manes I Like Horror Movies

Ashok A (au) wrote: this won't be like the originals i bet.