Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes

A hopeful young starlet uncovers the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite and enters into a deadly agreement in exchange for fame and fortune.

The story is about the life of a young and beautiful girl who has a strong personality and is a star. She always aspires to be famous and well known. She discovers intimidating origin of the Hollywood upper class and engages in a deadly deal in exchange for fame and fortune. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shobhit S (ca) wrote: what a emotional movie....a must watch with family.....salute to amol gupte for such a wonderful story.

Paul G (de) wrote: A good Christmas movie. If you like Edward Burns ( the Brothers McMullen), you will not be disappointed with this movie. Catholic themes of forgiveness with beautifully played Advent songs in the background. Strong recommend at Christmas.

Ralph G (au) wrote: I did not love this movie but I am giving it 4 stars because it is better than most movies in this genre.

Greg O (us) wrote: Any movie where Kate Winslet is naked gets three stars automatically from me. Minus a star for naked Harvey Kietel, I love the guy but I have limits.

Scott O (gb) wrote: Worth it just to see Dan Aykroyd mangle speaking French. Overall, an enjoyable if frustrating film. Enjoyable because they give you some characters and situations you can really get behind and enjoy. Frustrating because it's far too late to go and give Diefenbaker the kick in the ass he so richly needed.

Guido F (mx) wrote: voil, c'est fait - j'ai re-vu tous ses films mythiques qui ont plutt mal vieillis: Un monde sans piti (C), Diva, Les nuits fauves - et je n'arrive plus tout fait comprendre l'effet que ses films ont pu faire sur moi, sur toute une g (C)n (C)ration ...

Stefan G (jp) wrote: And so the hero marches forward to find a mystical treasure and defeat a great evil save the most beautiful woman in the land. That's essentially the heroic fantasy narrative that is so common that it's become part of the public's perception on fantasy in general. One could make the argument that this sort of thing is redundant, but this film is sort of a guilty pleasure for me. Sure, I usually prefer more original and more high-brow fantasy fare, but I can't really object to this film, and there's a part of me that wants to take it for what it is, if mainly because this was the last film featuring old-fashioned animation from the legendary Ray Harryhausen. The premise of the film is based loosely on Greek mythology, specifically on the myth of Perseus slaying Medusa, one of the more popularly remembered of all Greek myths. In terms of narrative, it's quite predictable. The hero is always this strapping young lad selected by the gods above, and his primary motivation seems to be a typical damsel in distress. Of course, what more can I expect? Back in the time this film was made, producers didn't know how to interpret mythology as any other kind of film. That being said, it's not entirely bad. In fact, I could make the argument that when you watch the film, you pretty much know what you're expecting. Then again, I've always been a sucker for fantasy of all kinds, and there are particularly memorable moments from the film that I still enjoy. I also suppose that the acting isn't too bad, though there aren't a lot of likeable or memorable characters to speak of. Fittingly enough, only the gods of Olympus give particularly good performances in the whole film, while the main protagonist comes across as an unrelatable knight in shining armour at best, and a privileged jerk at worst. The acting often comes across as a little hammy, but it's not too heavy-handed. If I thought it was, I wouldn't even consider watching it again. Even if the film is a little wooden in terms of plot and characters, it definitely succeeds in terms of presentation, despite the somewhat outdated swords-and-sandals approach the film seems to be recalling. The film's exotic set pieces definitely convey the setting, and who could forget the creature effects, courtesy of the inimitable Ray Harryhausen. Of course, by the time the film was released, contemporary advances in special effects would have rendered Harryhausen's techniques obsolete, but had the creatures been designed with computer effects, this film might have been completely boring because it would have just been another CGI film. There's always a kind of charm that stop motion animation has which the computers can't recreate no matter how hard we try today. If anything, this film is an example of how old-fashioned techniques can still be effective. The film itself is a bit silly and occasionally veers towards camp, but it's the little things that give this film its merits as decent entertainment.

Ewan H (it) wrote: Went into this one expecting it to be a piece of shit, but i have to say i was pleasantly surprised. All the movie side actors are terrible, the script could do with some improvement and it far to often resorts to fake scares. But the atmosphere it creates and the psychological terror it inflicts is better than a lot of modern horror movies. Although there are jump scares, the movie doesn't rely upon them to scare the viewer. I will admit that the movie is anything but original, but it's a remake of a movie that wasn't very original to begin with. If they where to fix this problem, then it wouldn't be a remake of WASC. The movies lead actress is actually half descent, and since she's the only person it it for 3/4 of the movie, its a good thing. The first 20 minutes of the movie are terrible, as well as a couple of other scenes and the ending. This isn't a must see, but if you looking for so thing that has actually tries to build up to its scares (a breed of horror movie that is dying out) its worth a watch.

Senor C (jp) wrote: A mishmash of Hammer/Shaw that works for the most part but outside the 7 Golden Vampire doesn't generate much excitement. In fact he lags quite a bit but I blame that on the inclusion of Robin Stewart. The Fu is pretty standard & does peek some interest but I really came to see the Golden Vampire in action. There not bad but they are pretty stagnant. Dracula makes a bookend appearance & it too bad they didn't get Christopher Lee for the part. He could have collected a pay check for doing hardly anything. He would even meet his end in a simple manner. Of all the Dracula movies I've seen I should start making a list of how he meets his's getting pretty easy killing him lately

Kristen U (nl) wrote: Although the ending was sad, it wasn't very shocking. Still it was a good story, good music, not too long and not to short.

Jacky L (kr) wrote: father sets out to avenge son's death. somehow, it ain't amongst my better liked chabrols. a lil overrated?

Paul T (ag) wrote: Exceptionally complex (both psychologically and sometimes hard to follow), but an interesting twist (departure?) from the high-minded and noble samurai characters (Sanjuro, Musashi, etc.) Mifune typically plays... the tea-house scenes are hilarious. Still the plot itself is extremely tragic and ironic - a Japanese Oedipus.

Alexandra M (jp) wrote: Nicolas Cage+Willem Dafoe=the perfect overdose of eccentricity and awesomeness.