World War II has long provided fodder for European filmmakers and East German director Konrad Wolf is no exception. In this uneven though at times compelling drama, he examines the conflict involved in a forbidden love. While the war is in full swing, a young German solder is assigned to a unit in charge of deporting Jews to the death camps. He falls in love with one of the Jewish women being deported, an impossible situation which he knows has no easy solution, if any. Alternately philosophical and at the end, at least, quite powerful, this film may still be too downbeat for most general audiences.

The tragic love of the Jewish girl and the Nazi officer is presented as a symbol of human purity defeated by fascism and racial prejudice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Era M (ag) wrote: La primera hora es retorcida, loca, asombrosa, magnifica pero desgraciadamente su segunda hora pierde lo asombroso, lo magnifico y solo queda algo loco, retorcido y aburrido.Que te paso Jodo???

Adam E (us) wrote: Juvenile and low-brow, yet likable enough to win you over.

Richard N (mx) wrote: Looks creepy, I like it!

Gareth K (us) wrote: I expected this to be a low budget horror with crap efects and really bad acting having never heard of it before, but the acting wasn't quite as bad as expected, it was low budget, but it was waaaaay sacrier than I expected, I actually had to pause it every so often to get my breath back! in heinsight it was probably only scary because I didn't expect anything good...

Imre G (au) wrote: Great movie for Wednesday night.

Emiley A (ru) wrote: all I have to say is LOL!!!!!

TheScarlatescu R (ca) wrote: liked the cast, unusual story

Jamie H (it) wrote: Such a sweet movie, and the music is delightful.