Stars and Bars

Stars and Bars

A British art expert travels across America in order to purchase a rare Renoir painting in the South but comes across some crazy characters in the process.

A British art expert travels across America in order to purchase a rare Renoir painting in the South but comes across some crazy characters in the process. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justen N (jp) wrote: One of the best documentaries I've seen.

Matty D (es) wrote: I thought the movie was fantastic. It was very artistic. Sure, not a conventional blockbuster or anything, but I loved it. One of my favorites up there with District 9, Cloverfield, and Knowing.

Mr D (de) wrote: This probably has loads of negative reviews, because it is sentimental and preachy. But only because it has midgets in it, doesn't mean it can't have a moral story. The jokes are sometimes hacky and the soundtrack is in the beginning irritating. But Chris Rodman learns that life isn't all about money.

Muffin M (de) wrote: the tale of precarious scuba divers Sebastian and Dani. The sexy couple unknowingly turn into an adventurous duo when they are promised big money in exchange for leading them on dives along the island's reef. The underwater escapade has Sebastion and Dani in and out of the treache-rous Hawaiian reef. At the hands of their new clients, the young couple is thrown into danger that ultimately tests their diving skills, as well as their love, strength and will to live. stars Chrs Carmack, Laura Vandervoort, Marsha Tomason, David Anders and Audrina Patridge. directed by Stephen Herek.

Nyk P (fr) wrote: A hugely historic documentary, the only known footage of the first plane flying into the twin towers!

Richard L (us) wrote: A captivating documentary about the city of Blaine, Missouri. Really captures America, the dream to be on Broadway, and aliens.

Catherine L (ag) wrote: Another great film from Breillat as an exploration of adolescence in sexual terms - but also of adulthood through the eyes of a teenager. Very crude and raw. There is a truthfulness in her films, an honesty, a rawness that comes in your face and can only touch you and make you think.

Shae S (de) wrote: Stupid, deeply stupid, but kind of fun. Some of the stunts are pretty cool.

Brandon S (au) wrote: Joe D'Amato's finest hour is Beyond the Darkness infamous for it's over the top violence that knows no bounds. A terminally ill wife passes, so the grief strickened husband decides to dig up her body and bring it home at the same time his weirdo maid trys to move in on him and he is busy murdering every girl he comes across on the countryside. Nonstop violence and a score by The Goblins keep this film alive and well.

Bernice C (gb) wrote: Looks terrible, but I have not watched it yet...

Dermit Z (kr) wrote: Very limited in scope, the movie stays well within the boundaries of a single battle between Zulus and British. Too well for my liking. Besides the opening, we hardly get a change of scenary, and as another commented there's a failure to present any kind of historical context. I didn't get what the minister was on about. It's free from agenda pushing, but there's as little to captivate the mind.

JH K (it) wrote: Quiza el estilo de direccin y narracin no es de mi gusto, pero eso no le resta mritos a la enrgica narrativa, que a pesar de su convencionalidad, resulta apta para el interesante duo interpretativo.