Stars and Stripes Forever

Stars and Stripes Forever

Marine bandmaster John Philip Sousa (Clifton Webb) becomes famous for his marches and inspires the sousaphone.

A film biography of the composer John Philip Sousa, from his early days in the Marine Corps Band through the Spanish-American War in 1898. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Stars and Stripes Forever torrent reviews

Linda M (nl) wrote: I love it and it was amazing to watch.

Randy P (gb) wrote: Meaningless so called "sequel".

SirBlue B (de) wrote: This film goes beyond the line of shit, it reminds me of "Meet The Spartans"!

Adrian A (de) wrote: The most inspiring movie i have ever seen. This really hits home to me because I kind of understand what he is going through. My favorite.

Stephanie G (it) wrote: Stressant, inquietant, surprenant... ! Bon suspence mais plus un telefilm qu'un film de cinema en tant que tel...

Leocadio V (nl) wrote: ok movie to see with your girl

Zane B (de) wrote: The relationships were interesting, the characters quirky and any holes in the flick felt like part of the atmosphere.

Scott C (fr) wrote: One of my most favorite movies.

Matt M (de) wrote: A strategic arms genius hijacks a train and threatens to end the world. Luckily, Steven Segal is on the same plane. Sequel to the original, perhaps even more memorable, though this is still only the kind of movie Segal fans will appreciate and others won't.

Matthew Y (it) wrote: Interesting dystopian imagery and some contemporary themes, but dysjointed plotlines and a poor 'out of sync' script disappoints in what could have been the beginning of a hit female led action hero franchise.

Russ B (jp) wrote: 7/30/2016: A good 90's action movie with a very good cast.

Stephanie C (ca) wrote: Smart take on the regular vampire flick. Fast paced, edgy, interesting, and enjoyable!

Jonny P (ru) wrote: "Stir of Echoes" has always lived in the shadow of other 1999 supernatural blockbusters ("The Sixth Sense," "The Mummy"), but it is a surprisingly good ghost story. Kevin Bacon is underrated as an actor and drives this entire story with strong acting and intense facial expressions. He receives decent support from the rest of the cast, particularly Kevin Dunn, but the majority of the film falls on Bacon. With films like "A Few Good Men," "Mystic River," and "Apollo 13" under his belt, it is amazing that he isn't more commonly recognized as a great actor. While the premise of the story has less real-world believability than other supernatural films, it is still enjoyable for what it is. Just don't be misled by the film's synopsis, which paints it out to be more of a thriller. Many of the creepy elements of this story and the way in which they are presented could give you nightmares if watched right before bed! The entire digging sequence is awesome and emphasizes Bacon's desire to move on from the unfortunate events of this story. "Stir of Echoes" wasn't the best supernatural film of 1999 but it is absolutely worth watching for its interesting premise, relentless suspense, and a few really good twists at the end.