Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

In the sequel to Paul Verhoeven's loved/reviled sci-fi film, a group of troopers taking refuge in an abandoned outpost after fighting alien bugs, failing to realize that more danger lays in wait.

We are sent back to the battlefield, as the Federation's best Mobile Infantry unit are slowly being overpowered by the killer bugs. They are light years from the nearest reinforcements and are trapped on a remote outpost. They set up protection around the post, keeping all the bugs waiting for them to leave. But now the enemy is in the outpost, in a way which they would have never thought of. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation torrent reviews

Chayc (gb) wrote: It was intriguing for about 30 minutes, but as time slowly passed my FF trigger finger got very itchy. I refrained, hoping that it would ultimately be worth it. Alas, it wasn't.

Balaji R (nl) wrote: very touching movie...Jo's performance is amazing...prakash raj and prithviraj makes a nice combo....vidyasagar's music is a treat to listen to...overall a a gr8 entertainer..

Dima K (br) wrote: great documentary, but sad.

Cathy C (kr) wrote: Probably not as good of a story, the animation is still an amazing piece of film. Review by Logan Cornn.

Charles M (it) wrote: 8....If you aint first your last....

Paul M (nl) wrote: An odd little film which really flitters between two genres without really being successful in either. It starts out as an ok character study of forbidden love then two thirds of the way falls into a ghost story Korean style. The first part was watchable but on a purely personal level loads of high pitched whiny girls irritated me. Then the ghost story bit was a bit lame, not in the slightest bit atmospheric or scary and the effects to let us know a ghost was about were a bit cheesy. The best thing about it was the soundtrack, which I am not sure if it is original or old classical pieces but it added a hell of a lot of class to some very mundane scenes.

Jenny B (kr) wrote: groartiger Filme, den muss ich mal wieder gucken!

Grayson W (ca) wrote: A strange take on the vampire concept by George A Romero. Reminded me more of A Clockwork Orange than a vampire flick, what with the ultra violent teenage rapist and the 70s modernist home decor and all. Tom Savini did special effects and appears in a cameo. It's a surreal movie that reminded me of those psychedelic anti drug PSAs from the same era. Hard to believe Romero made Dawn of the Dead only a year after this.

David H (de) wrote: Cain and Abel in the Wild West and it shows the Old Conflict between Ranchers and Farmers

Millo T (br) wrote: Good ideas about the relationship among human and gods... About the rest, not much interesting.

Luciano G (fr) wrote: This is the kind of movie you forget what is happening as you watch it.... boorish and predictable for most of its length....

Grant H (us) wrote: Though this great script loses steam toward the end, Sean Penn portrays a troubled has-been ex-pat musician, engrossed with numerous flaws. I found myself turn slowly from mocking & laughing at Cheyenne and his absurd personality & foibles, to empathizing him and his mission to right the wrongs of his familial debt & act of dishonor upon his father. Completely blown away by this film - and Penn especially - as this black comedy & drama is a real diamond in the rough.