Starshiy syn

Starshiy syn

Late for the last commuter train and reluctant to spend the night outdoors, two young men trick a family into letting them stay in their apartment: one of them insists that he's the illegitimate son of the man who owns the apartment.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

Two students are late for the last commuter train and have to spend a night in a strange town. They rack their brains about where to find shelter and quite by chance they overhear a talk between father and son. The son is an adolescent who is head over heels in love with a girl several years his senior. He is living through the first drama of his life though his love is just puppy love. Then, being resourceful fellows, they think of a plan to pass one of them for the elder son of this family. The reason they give for his unexpected arrival is that he is a child of the father's long-forsaken love. They presume this cock-and-bull story will come off, and right they are! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer P (fr) wrote: Such a great movie! Wish they had made another one!

Joel K (gb) wrote: A very depressing movie. I don't think everyone will find it as such; but I always find these types of movies really sad. There are some "happy" parts; and the general message is good. Acting and story is really good; but depending on your point of view... there's no happy ending.

Jimmy P (mx) wrote: I'd watch it, but...... I REALLY don't like country music :/

Melissa T (fr) wrote: One of my favourite films hands down. Intriguing characters, unexpected turns, a load of female protagonists. Yes please.

Adam R (ca) wrote: I initially felt it was a cute movie, but I seem to like it less and less the more I see it. It's wholesome entertainment, but too corny. (First viewing - Teen years)

Willy B (kr) wrote: well, it is a part of a whole genre of movies about the Latin Ameican dictatorships bringing up the issues of disappeared and oppressed people. It was weird to hear it in English, which is its original language. Such a movie should have been made in Spanish.

Je M (au) wrote: Nightmarish, nonsensical, kaleidoscopic. Catriona MacColl is dire, but overall The Beyond is a strong effort from Fulci; a disquieting portrayal of a decent into Hell.

Laura D (it) wrote: Not the finest film. Any teen or person in their early 20s when this movie was released has probably seen it. The soundtrack is awesome. A guilty pleasure film.

Rinnie R (de) wrote: OMG, I love this movie!!!

Shawn W (au) wrote: Bob Denver doing his Gilligan routine in a Western with support characters who are virtually carbon copies of the ones on Gilligan's Island. Why mess with a successful formula. This dated comedy is simply four episodes from the Dusty's Trail TV show fused together making the storylines almost completely incoherent.

Harrison W (au) wrote: Reasonably enjoyable. Watched it on HBO. Only a couple of big laughs. A bit touching. Kinda sick of the usual alt. comedy cast cameos--gets incredibly distracting. And then the random celebrity cameos like Lou Ferrigno and Rush just feel like filler. There was almost no conflict at all. To be honest, this just feels like extra scenes from every Apatow film that somehow got edited into an 80-minute movie

Janvier W (es) wrote: I enjoyed this movie, not sure why it's scored so low

Paul D (kr) wrote: It takes a while, but it becomes a poor man's copy of 'Poltergeist' by its end.