Starsuckers is the most controversial documentary of the year, and was released in British cinemas in November 2009 to critical acclaim. It's a darkly humourous and shocking exposé of the celebrity obsessed media, that uncovers the real reasons behind our addiction to fame and blows the lid on the corporations and individuals who profit from it.

Documentary that explores human being's desire to be famous and how that effects society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Starsuckers torrent reviews

Sunil J (nl) wrote: Sweet and more the original Cho that I fell in love with a decade ago.

Gavin S (fr) wrote: Just lacked something. Had good actors in it but, had a B grade feel

Bruno L (de) wrote: Although it was a very girly movie, I kind of liked it. Many scenes were funny and all the girls on the movie were gorgeous. Kind of interesting.

Brian G (au) wrote: I enjoyed the first one, but this one was horrible.

Mir O (jp) wrote: the direction was really avarage....but exellent script writting and nice dialogues...i just jope theres a next part to it....a must watch this one...hahaha

Sydney C (us) wrote: Made me laugh throughout.

David T (de) wrote: This had potential to be good as Jenny McCarthy CAN BE funny. But this puzzle had too many missing pieces. Honestly when I first saw this, I thought this could have worked as a series on Showtime but not a movie.

Daniel K (au) wrote: One of those movies that I grew up with and really liked. Despite the poor reviews I would recommend this movie, great laughs.

Rene T (es) wrote: A sweet, moving melodrama with great performances by Kevin Bacon, Mary Stuart Masterston, Kathy Moriarty and Evan Rachel Wood.

Jack P (nl) wrote: easily the poorest one in the series, however it was quite funny and being a huge fan of the series i found this film hard to hate as it had the recurring characters from the previous installments to make this film so much better.

Jon C (es) wrote: a fricken load of funJohn Ritter is so much fun playing a couch-potato who gets a real dose of televisiontrapped inside a hellish series of programs he fights to stay alive and keep his wife and family togetherJones is top-notch as the Devil/Spike, so evil and schemingand for an early 90's flick the effects are pretty sharpthe best part has to be the cartoon portion by Chuck Jones because of how funny and zany it isthe movie is also smart, clever commentary for us TV afficiandos getting addicted to all kinds of shows that it pulls us out of the real worldits funny, random and out of this world

Ak K (ag) wrote: well knowing what we know about dr. jekyll and mr hyde didn't help at all in terms of expectation. this modern twist for a classic could use some better script writing and acting. the movie might have been better had the director or the writers decided to shorten the scene transitions and the overall pace of the movie.

Mike S (es) wrote: An odd romantic comedy. Larry (Tom Hanks, looking Botoxed) is Mercedes's (Julia Roberts) student at college. Her marriage is on the rocks. While he slowly gets made over by some young classmates, she ditches her husband. The attraction between Larry and Mercedes seems to come out of nowhere, as do the friendships Larry forms with a young gang of scooter enthusiasts. But the chemistry between Hanks and Roberts is sweet and there are some funny scenes.

Kameron W (de) wrote: I actually thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. The only true setback of watching is the films length. Not sure it needed to be 2.5 hours but what do you expect when it's the same director as the first three films in the pirates of the Caribbean franchise

Russ B (br) wrote: 3/26/2017: An ok movie at best. It was a nice story, but not that entertaining for adults. Great for young children though.