Starting Out in the Evening

Starting Out in the Evening

Leonard Schiller once counted among New York's Literary lions, but illness and ten years of writers block have lowered his profile, almost to the point of obscurity. When Heather Wolfe, an ambitious literature major, asks to interview him for her theses on his work, her interest forces hims to address the issues that have been he has avoided all these years, and stirs in him feelings he has long forgotten, much to his daughter's consternation

An ambitious graduate student convinces a writer that her thesis can resurrect his career. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas M (fr) wrote: too cheesy with too many dumb jokes

Chris L (br) wrote: John Cena is no Rock but this was his best movie so far. Regardless of critics they managed to round up a great cast and each held their own to make this a good story. Can't go wrong with the underdog story trying to make a name for himself. Madeleine Martin was captivating in her supporting role and Devon Graye delivered a believable character. I enjoyed this one.

Jay F (br) wrote: Cute movie. Had a few lame moments, but otherwise enjoyable for a rainy afternoon.

Tyler A (kr) wrote: kiss is kill kiss is kill kiss is kill

Saidat D (gb) wrote: I must have been really tired when I watched this movie, because I thought it wasn't half bad at all. I laughed my head off in a couple of places. Little girl has better acting potential than what was shown, that much is clear. The mermaid could not act.

Muffin M (de) wrote: Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) thought he had it all - smooth looks, even smoother moves, high paying job at a prestigious ad agency, women falling all over him...But then one night a freak accident leaves him with the ability (or curse) of being able to hear what women are thinking...and they're thinking Nick's a sexist, vain, lecherous jerk. Dumbfounded, Nick is convinced he's going mad but when his shrink suggests he uses his new found powers to find out what women really want, Nick's life is suddenly turned upside down...and the first person he has his insights set on is the agency's hot new creative director Darcy McGuire (Helen Hunt).also stars Marisa Tomei, Mark Feuerstein, Lauren Holly, Ashley Johnson, Judy Greer, Alan Alda and Delta Burke.directed by Nancy Meyers.

Paul D (de) wrote: Romantic drama that is always labouring with itself to impress. The script is mostly ordinary, but perks up at infrequent moments.

Richard L (br) wrote: Had exactly the same reaction to the movie as an adult as I did a kid: loved the first half, strongly disliked the last 45 minutes. As an adult I have a little more appreciate for what the filmmakers were trying to do in the later part of the movie. I also see via Wikipedia that the studio forced an early release of the movie, so they weren't able to complete the planned third act.What I still like about the movie is the sense of exploration and wonder. Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, and Jason Presson are great young heroes (and were at the beginning of their film careers.) By the time Hawke as Ben Crandall has become confused, bewildered, and (truly damning) disappointed by the turn of events in the second half of the movie, though, I feel exactly the same way.

Leena L (es) wrote: Drama. Strict moral code and more drama. Love. Misery and Death. Brilliant in its own genre and it all ends in the foggy Waterloo Bridge, where it started.

EWC o (ru) wrote: By far the best batman animated film and maybe the second best overall. Intense action and a dark and gritty atmosphere without being needlessly dark.

Tasos L (gb) wrote: Emotional reasons...

Jacob B (br) wrote: I have never seen a movie so powerful and touching as 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. From its opening shot where Scout (Mary Badham) hums while writing the title to its ending when the character of Boo Radley (Robert Duvall) is finally revealed. Each moment is considered to be a great triumph of film-making; ranging from its camerawork, directing, editing, and score. But let's not forget the character of Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck in a deserved Oscar-winning performance); the lawyer and caring father of two. He is what holds the film together like glue. Finch is a character who believes in what is right, no matter what other people's perception is, especially when it comes to defending black man, Tom Robinson (Brock Peters) during a trial in the film's most powerful moment. He doesn't give in to anger, and helps young Scout get through the problems in school. I can only describe 'To Kill a Mockingbird' as one of the most important films you will ever experience (even if you have never read Harper Lee's novel).

Adam R (fr) wrote: (First and only viewing - 4/19/2013)