State Affairs

State Affairs

A plane explodes above the Gulf of Guinea. An escort girl is murdered in a Parisian park. Thousands of miles separate these two events, and yet Nora Chahyd, believes there's a connection between them, much to his superiors chagrin. As Nora investigates, getting dangerously close to the powers that be, the murders and betrayals accumulate, and signs point to a state affair at the heart of it all.

A plane explodes above the Gulf of Guinea. An escort girl is murdered in a Parisian park. Thousands of miles separate these two events, and yet Nora Chahyd, believes there's a connection ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


State Affairs torrent reviews

Elephant J (mx) wrote: An Awesome Fricking Movie!

Adam R (ru) wrote: Not bad visually, but a poor storyline and bad acting make it not worth your while. Very forgettable. (First and only full viewing - 2/1/2017)

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Surrealistic psychedelia trying to catch the (New) Wave--Mickey One...Audience Zero!!

Karen T (ca) wrote: Really charming! Especially enjoed ieri and domani! Oggi was a bit boring.

Alex B (mx) wrote: A bizarre film that wants us to sympathize with a gruesome, repulsive cast of characters. I imagine it's rather like an Ayn Rand novel, only much more spirited, much livelier.

Steve G (au) wrote: Kind of like a precursor to Columbo. Appears to be aloof, but always on top of the case. The screenwriters do a good job concealing the identity of the villain. I loved Fetchit, despite all the racialist whining of current viewers who wish to censor the first black millionaire in Hollywood. My first Chan film. Half mystery, half horror. Most good.

Walter M (fr) wrote: Speaking of "Damsels in Distress:" Violet(Greta Gerwig), Heather(Carrie MacLemore) and Rose(Megalyn Echikunwoke) recruit new student Lily(Analeigh Tipton) into their cause. Said cause being suicide prevention. Which they intend to do through donuts, coffee and tap dancing. When that does not work, there is always busting down doors which they do when they rescue Priss(Caitlin FitzGerald) who claims she was only glum. Otherwise, Lily is content with being the third wheel to Xavier(Hugo Becker) and Alice(Meredith Hagner). With "Damsels in Distress," writer-director Whit Stillman manages to prove once and for all that he has his head jammed firmly up his backside with dialogue that no human being would ever say in the real world in his hard hitting expose of cliques on college campuses. Out of that there are maybe a couple of nice moments.("Did you stay at the Motel 6?" "No, I stayed at the Motel 4. It was cheaper.") Plus, the movie has a rather cavalier attiude towards mental illness. Well, since the spoken word had no chance, then maybe Stillman should have made a musical with this material which he hints at repeatedly until the musical number that finally arrives too little too late.

Jonathan M (gb) wrote: Not as good and not as funny as it's french counterpart , the beat of the movie often feels off , sometimes too slow , sometimes too fast , however the movie did had its laugh out loud moments. Szostak was a revelation to me as it was the first time I was actually seeing her on screen and I loved her , Carol does his thing that we all love and rudd was also good in his role of the guy whos trying his best to be good . And that's the problem with the script , his character is supposed to be a jerk that did everything in his life for himself without caring about others, it's a character we love to hate and we love see his life fall apart by an idiot. Only to find himself at the end redeemed and better than he ever was. This sense of evolution is absent from the movie and makes It lacks in emotion Over all it is not a bad movie , but not one I would put on my you must watch list .

Alejandro C (fr) wrote: Tpica a ms no poder. No es tan graciosa como pudiera parecer

Chris P (ag) wrote: Fantastic start to the MCU and great performances all round most noticeably Robert Downey Jr. 3.5/5

Corey W (it) wrote: This was my first chance to see Darkseid in a film, and I have to say I was a little disappointed.

Jason K (us) wrote: It has indie heart, just doesnt really have much of a script past the initial teaser idea.

Stephanie O (fr) wrote: fascinating commentary on stigmas related to modern day relationships. Not the most enjoyable popcorn flick, but interesting as a piece of art and social commentary.

Sean N (ag) wrote: Sepia flashbacks and one of Morricone's best scores