State and Main

State and Main

A Hollywood Film unit invades a small Vermont town leading to wholesale abandonment of values and virtue. A smart, warm and funny movie - and not just for movie buffs. Tagline: When a film crew came to Waterford, Vermont - They Shot First And Asked Questions Later.

A movie crew invades a small town whose residents are all too ready to give up their values for showbiz glitz. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan J (de) wrote: Well done! Dark and evil. The old lady is truly terrifying, and the demon that they add throughout the film gives you chills up and down your spine.

Ho Y (de) wrote: The movie is half true as some interviewees is the employee in the factory while some are actors. No matter where the reality, the documentary film can show us the workers mind. It can remind us of their miserable situation, for example, keep doing the same and dirty things everyday that lead to lose themselves, their life goal and sexuality. As a whole, they cannot find their real me as being a tool in the factory. When documentary film meet actors there will be a controversy of reality. Many people complain that the documentary film should not include actors as they are fake person in the film and they just present the drama perfectly. All factors will lose the truth in the film. Maybe that??s the point the director want to bring. As we know that the actor cannot compare with the forthright of the true person, so all the true person can get the beat acting award ? I think it is not about actoring. The acting is about how actor comprehend the role??s mind and personality and present them in different movie. So they may meet different type of the roles in many films. The film also remind us the globalization. The Chengdu situation is similar to Hong Kong. Hong Kong economy relied on factory affair before. Many factories move to China after it became a service based city and many high class buildings were set up in Hong Kong. Also, the factory have to move because of the property developers. Maybe it can signify the strong economic power but it will lose their culture heritage or something local and traditional in there. A lot of commercial centers and malls will be appeared. I am not oppose of the advanced technology in order to make people warmed but I think we have to go forward underneath the strong root. Finally, I think the pollution is getting worse in the earth as we can see that a lot of dirty atoms were filled in the air after demolishing the factory. Also, it seems that every person has worked in the factory before. So the factory has a deep influence in order to support many citizens in there. But the problem is if the earth was sick, human would lose their living place. We cannot live so how to set up our country? We should save the earth first.

Hugo C (br) wrote: It looks like a strong shocking drama lived by the struggling people in Soweto, but it fails to go deep enough.

Martijn W (jp) wrote: Finally I got to see this incredible powerful movie. Jeremy Renier is really one of my favorite actors, he can convince everyone in almost any role. This movie shows us how important is to always stay alert and that betrayal and love are very close. Nothing is as black and white as we like things to be. Must see movie....


Mark M (au) wrote: Not a bad movie, it's got some good laughs.

Jehanne L (de) wrote: Very entertaining SRK movie.

Private U (kr) wrote: what a cool movies, yuppies meet the middleage passion babe...susan sarandon is MILF

Gav R (ag) wrote: brilliant cast and slapstick

Edward C (mx) wrote: Godzilla Vs. Monster Zero(1965)Starring:Nick AdamsMy reviewNot so good

Darrell H (de) wrote: ok for a chick flick

Brandon S (au) wrote: A sharp and genuinely scary slow burn thriller. Gorgeously shot and briskly paced with plenty of kick.