State Property

State Property

Frustrated with being broke, Beans decides that the only way to grasp the American Dream is to take it.

The movie follows Beans and his crew, the ABM as they systematically and effortlessly bump off all their cemented rivals and take over the drug-selling operations, create mayhem as their empire builds in their hometown of Philadelphia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robb R (it) wrote: Shot in a documentary-like (some would say, found footage) style, and aided by the natural performances and dialogue of the characters, everything in this production seems eerily authentic. At first glance, The Dirties appears to be a cautionary tale on the bullying problem that plagues students in most schools, but it is much more than that. It also stands as a prime example of all that can still be accomplished in independent cinema today. Filmed on a budget of approximately $10,000, first time filmmaker Matt Johnson and his team simultaneously manage to create a work of art flourishing with filmmaking energy, while displaying an honest, realistic and often chilling portrayal of the victims of school bullying. Though it's nowhere near as graphic as the plot would lead one to believe, it's bound to bring up some controversy as it challenge one's moral values and blurs the line between what is right and wrong in the line of justice.

Asta S (mx) wrote: Some seriously horrible shit here! Avoid.

Luke G (us) wrote: Excellent performance form Monaghan

Kristen H (ag) wrote: 666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eragon F (ca) wrote: I just want to say that the "critic reviews" who say the movie is bad because a teenager wrote it are complete bullshit. The books were actually great. The movie makers just messed it up completely. thanks.

Nico S (us) wrote: A beautifully done animated film that gives a classic tale, new life.

Charles P (ru) wrote: In the realm of really, really bad movies, it takes a certain brilliance to make one as obnoxious as Baby Geniuses.

Mark B (es) wrote: jimmy yu shines in this gem.i totally recommend this movie!!!!

Cameron F (it) wrote: Long before "About Schmidt " and "Straight Story " came this heartwarming tale of an old man who loses everything but his cat Tonto. Together they travel across the nation, stopping at certain areas to. visit his estranged children. If the plot seems too familiar its because the titles above and many others have copied its premise.

Aj V (jp) wrote: A really great family drama, a wonderful cast, and a good story. I really liked it.

Rafal K (us) wrote: I've seen it for the second time and enjoyed it thoroughly. The scenography is amazing - where did they find all those post industrial, almost decayed areas?

William H (es) wrote: i personally find it to be a great yet odd flick. its an amazing ride but at the end you really start to question the films purpose. either way id highly recommend this film.

Nathan R (jp) wrote: As soon as that first image of a budding sunrise on the horizon appears on the screen and you hear that tribal yell, you know you're about to watch something spectacular. Today, it stands as one of many legendary scenes from what is the epitome of a true Disney masterpiece. Part "National Geographic" expedition, part epic drama, upon its release it was unlike anything ever released in the animation industry. With a level of artistry in which almost any still image could be mistaken for a landscape painting, the spectacles induce wonder, and the music strikes with a powerful chord as vocals of African chants supplement a riveting score by Hans Zimmer. Yet the movie accomplishes something amazing in an entirely different aspect. Despite its grandeur and awe-inspiring production, it manages to live and breathe in an affecting, original script that philosophizes ideas of death, duty, and coming-of-age. The jokes still hit, and the musical numbers have evolved into no less than modern pop culture anthems. What I'm trying to say is it's pretty good.