States of Grace

States of Grace

A drive-by shooting in Venice, California, changes the lives of five people forever. States of Grace tells the story of a homeless street preacher, Louis, a gang banger, Carl, an aspiring actress, Holly, and two young missionaries, Lozano and Farrell, in what critics have hailed as one of the finest films of the year and one of the best Christian-themed films ever made.

The lives of a street preacher, an aspiring actress, a Mormon missionary, and a young gang banger intersect in this ensemble drama set in present-day Santa Monica, California. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Terry G (fr) wrote: 3.5 Stars: Thankfully it is sweet and not a tragedy! Leaves a few things unresolved, but takes a beautiful and metaphorical path.

Grant H (es) wrote: Bad. Monsters Unleaahed was actually much better.

Jimmy Pontoh D (mx) wrote: knowing the first movie. i really wanted to watch this sequel. :)

Prithviraj P (ca) wrote: ok...good original,true events what happens in a metro..but i never liked any characters.....busy in affairs n affairs..uff

Jason S (nl) wrote: Inconsistent dialogue and characters you want to punch in the face make this timely film hard to care about.

Eve A (es) wrote: Watching this film is like having someone holding onto my heart so tight it's strangled. The hate that lives in the hearts of some people is so dark and cold and mean it's devastating. Too many do not know how Japanese immigrants were treated in the United States not even a century ago. What's so shameful is the perpetrators were White Europeans who were immigrants themselves from Germany, Sweden, Holland, Great Briton. It's a disgrace on modern society during its growing stages to know how non-whites were treated with such disdain and disrespect. It makes me angry and deeply disheartened at the same time. It would not be so bad if we, as a society could say that was a dark time we have evolved from, but alas, it is still happening. there are So many people who feel terrible hate and disdain against people other than their own color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc., etc., we have not learned, we grow so slowly.

Scott S (jp) wrote: Okay I know the story of Pocahontas is not accurate and politically correct. However it is a good sequel compared to some of the other Disney sequels. It seemed like a lot of the 90s animated film sequels were usually about the main character(s) or their kids going back to the past. Pocahontas 2 does not follow this formula and actually goes forward in time. There are some plot holes, narrative issues, and lower animation quality but there is great action and comic relief.

James H (us) wrote: Chasing Amy is a brilliant heartfelt, unorthodox romantic comedy with an electric screenplay and excellently realistic performances. It is directed seamlessly, each scenes transition into the next one is so smooth that you almost don't notice it. Ben Affleck in particular gives one of his very best performances, he is completely believable and his subdued method of acting merges with his character and the story expertly. On a side note, it was fun to see small cameos from stars like Casey Affleck and Matt Damon. On a deeper meaning, this offers life lessons and an interesting outlook on sexuality, relationships and love and also manages to delve extensively into topics that are usually untouched and ignored. Chasing Amy is a beautiful film.

Ben D (it) wrote: What a creative and imaginative film, though it's really weird, so prepare yourself if you watch this. I was surprised by how much I actually liked this movie. I mean, I expected it to be good, maybe around a 6/10, but after watching it I'd probably give it a 8/10. The stop motion animation looks really awesome, especially for the time. What I think really makes it stand out though is just how wacky and creative it gets. It serves as an outlet for anything absurd and over the top, while being grounded by a simple story and simple, relatable characters. It does have issues though. There's this song at the beginning of the movie sung by the main kid actor, and I'm not going to lie, it sucked really bad. The kid just couldn't sing and I certainly could have gone without it. Also I don't like the ending. The way it ended left me believing that magic actually did exist in the movie's universe and I thought it would have been a better film if the kid had made it up all in his head to cope with the loss of his parents. Maybe that's a little dark, but it would have been really interesting for a kid's movie to have that underlying tone. Still, it's a pretty great film and it's perfect for the family (except my family, as they all hated it, yet they'll watch The Nut Job and laugh all the way through. Why?).

Vincent P (ca) wrote: rien fait de sens dans ce film, RIEN! le plus interessant est qu'on voit le centre-ville de Montral en feu, y compris la btisse o je travaille. Merde, je n'ai plus de job!!!

Paul T (mx) wrote: I'm female 71 great entertainment funny, loved the characters and all the actors. Well cast.