Station to Heaven

Station to Heaven


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Jill W (mx) wrote: really good family fun film

Long L (mx) wrote: Okay, it??s a cheesy bad movie. Usually with cheesy bad movies, they try to add something with entertaining value. I guess they forgot to tell these people that. Everything bad you can think of in a movie was in Blood Moon Rising, and this was in the first 10 minutes. Seriously, don??t watch it. Don??t even think about watching it.

Joshua L (mx) wrote: good actors, good story, intriguing movie.

Francesca F (ag) wrote: This was pretty shallow - relationships developed within a matter of hours. Lots of gimmicky reliance on a cute child.13/03/08, TV

Richard D (au) wrote: Okay, I kinda like this one. It's far away from a clever film, but it's a simple and fairly solid action adventure flick with a decent cast that really know how to inhabit their one dimensional characters. Nobody seems to be under the illusion that their making a serious film, so they play it big and broad ... especially Jon Voight, who miraculously leaves some of the set intact. My one serious complaint is the CGI snake, which looks awful, but is at least used sparingly. I don't know how to dislike a film that has a snake spitting up Voight's half digested corpse, which then winks at Jennifer Lopez.

James M (gb) wrote: A very immature and silly farce. Some of the performances standout from others, but it doesn't deserve a second watch.

Shandra K (it) wrote: I love this movie!!!!

paul B (de) wrote: Depardieu dans son peignoir nous parle de ses tatouages devant un Michel Blanc tout tremblant. Des scenes cultes qui se succedent dans un pu style Blier de la grande epoque.

Ilja S (nl) wrote: Ice Age is heartfelt, well written, and extremely funny. It's stand alone movie that will both kids and adults make laugh and propaby also cry at some points.

Lorin F (ag) wrote: pretty bad. but worth it for the horrible clothes.