Stations of the Elevated

Stations of the Elevated

1979, shot in the Bronx, 45 min long, and chock full of rare vintage graffiti, mostly Fabulous Five stuff; Lee and Slave mostly. There are no words, just an eerie, dope, sparse soundscape by Charles Mingus and his sextet. The film is a haunting look at rolling steel on the trains of NYC.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:46 minutes
  • Release:1981
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1979, shot in the Bronx, 45 min long, and chock full of rare vintage graffiti, mostly Fabulous Five stuff; Lee and Slave mostly. There are no words, just an eerie, dope, sparse soundscape by Charles Mingus and his sextet. The film is a haunting look at rolling steel on the trains of NYC. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Enrique S (it) wrote: La mejor pelcula de la Historia.

Arash B (fr) wrote: A fun ride from start to finish with a good cast, The sexist aspect of the film's made it more fun, Surely not on the same level as Shaun of the Dead but still enjoyable, Hooray for men, hehe

Cheryl C (fr) wrote: it's got a comfy, mass-audience, sugary feel without being all "after school special." this combination allows makes the characters easy to root for, relate to, and learn from. a really pleasant and surprising watch, with great straightforward examples of devout people living their lives - and sometimes fighting the world and each other for the right to do it their way.

Paul N (us) wrote: Wong's US debut ticks his unique stylistic boxes, but charms with broken-hearted vignettes and affection for screen Americana.

Ford M (ru) wrote: No documentary has really captured punk so far, but this is the closest thing to perfection on that front.

Andreia C (de) wrote: I've been looking for this movie for years now, it was my favourite movie when I was younger, I hope I will be able to see it again

Penny W (nl) wrote: I was pretty surprised to hear that people actually thought this could be a real tv show. Hello, people killing other people for entertainement? Come on people. I do want to see this again, coz I haven't seen it in a bit. Once I do, I'll be able to tell you more on what I liked and disliked.

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Bill M (mx) wrote: The Raw, weird, intensely gory and inventive VHS series takes a serious nosedive, first off is the almost complete lack of vhs, the footage that actually is found on tape looks nothing like the format (a problem i had with the last few Paranormal Activity's) instead we get, as the later half of the title suggests, a cursed viral video theme, which kinda sucks frankly. The biggest issue with these films has been the wrap around story that segments and bookends the film's, after an improvement with the second, we get the worst by far, a bafflingly incoherent (something seriously vague about an out of control icecream truck that causes mass hysteria whilst a extremely unlikable young dude persues it) it's ill conceived and threadbare and loudly nonsensical. The first of the actual main tales is a very hit and miss affair concerning a Chris Angel stlye magician who gets real powers from a possessed cloak, there are some inventive visuals and cool moments but the talking head documentary execution is really all over the place and often it outright betrays the found footage format. The middle story is the only real selling point, it's fucking great, much like Gareth Evans monumentally hardcore "Safe Haven" short in part 2 "Parallel Monsters" is twisted, intense, disturbing as fuck and really creative and fun, it's truly what i wish more horror was like these days, imaginative and unpredictable. The third story, about a bunch of truly obnoxious skateboarding kids getting in over their heads with a mexican death cult has energy and creepiness and some satisfying kills but is undone by just how hateful and unpleasant the kids are, but is still worth a see. It's all finnished with the climax of the terrible wrap around story, which is undercooked and just "meh", still, at least it ends on a memorably ambitious, apocalyptic image, scored to Beethoven. Disappointing, messy and not fully thought through in it's stories and concept's but with enough fucked up moments and suprising ambition to make it worth a watch for horror fans, if nothing else just watch the second story as a great stand alone, scary short.