Status Quo Pictures: Live at Montreux

Status Quo Pictures: Live at Montreux


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
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Status Quo Pictures: Live at Montreux torrent reviews

Wiebke K (us) wrote: Capitalism at its purest -- Cloer went to Iraq right after the US etc moved in -- and he sold his product, armored cars, successfully, explaining with chilling logic why it is important that people die - so that his products can be improved.

Edgar C (ca) wrote: The dark humor along with the depressing tone of this film, which is by itself the most personal work (and possible portrait) of Charles Bukowski, is a great combination. Very recommended, especially because of the great casting decision that Matt Dillon turned out to be. What a jazzy, obscure performance!74/100

Bossy C (jp) wrote: these gurls was freakin hardcore in this movie

Christopher E (ca) wrote: Although serves as a thrilling sequel, "2 Fast 2 Furious" doesn't have the same spark as its predecessor, and sports a lackluster plot.So watching the first two films back to back, its obvious they have a lot of similarities, but they just contain different characters. Here, we follow the continued story of Brian O'Connor who is past his days as a cop. He's now living on the streets, enjoying the life of cars and racing. He is soon forced to join a partnership with his old ally in order to help the cops track down a criminal. The plot is as simple as that, along with some cool racing and some action in between. The real problem I had with this movie was that it just wasn't that enticing. Although the movie left off where the first one ended, it followed a story that was far less interesting than the first one. All of the characters from the first film are completely gone, and although we are introduced to some fun guys, its not the same without the main crew. That also leads me to my next thought, and it's that was this movie necessary? It seems like a spin off of the first movie, but they retained one of their key actors. Although the story was suitable enough for what it was, it just never hooked me. What I like so far about the earlier Fast films is that they focus heavily on the cars and the racing aspects, unlike future films. You can watch these movies to see amazing cars, and some decent racing scenes. The cars here, as well as in the first film, are beautiful and gorgeous. It's awesome to see what the franchise was built on, and if anything, this franchise has made me interested in cars.Like the first film, this film still has some troubles with its visuals and the camerawork. Although they improved visually upon the first movie, there are still those moments where everything looks fake and cartoony. The camera shots and angles still needed work, and I found myself lost in the shaky cam aspect. Like I said, although it's better visually than the first film, this franchise still has a long way to go before they improve. I'm also glad that they still retained Paul Walker throughout the first two films, as his character is intriguing and he's a great actor. Although I wish they elaborated more on the story ark between him and Vin Diesel, they still introduced us to some new, beloved characters.In the end, this movie serves its purpose. It's a decent sequel that appeals to car-freaks and 90's lovers, and although it's imperfect, it can be a fun mindless time. With that being said, this movie still could've been done a lot better, and it felt more like a cash grab rather than a meaningful Fast film, and in the end, I can't give this film a fresh rating.

Damion R (fr) wrote: If this had been a student film, I'd say....bravo! But from what I can tell, this film about six strangers mysteriously brought together in a cabin surrounded by an unseen forcefield to resurect ancient evil is...well, just a lame attempt at a B-movie horror film. With many things ripped off right from "Evil Dead," I give the director kudos for good taste in inspiration and not much else. Very low-budget on every level, even the premise tries too be too serious and comes across as just a little ridiculous. So where does the one star come from? The film showed on Out TV. Not because it has anything gay in it at all, but because the three male leads, two of which eventaully strip down to very tight tank tops showing off what is undeniably these "actors'" best assetts, at least made the film somewhat visually stimulating ;)

Hans M (us) wrote: This film has strange spooky music and strange dreamlike gory scenes . But there's no story that holds up the film , it's one of those stories with no tails , confusing . I don't recommend this film .

Kaitlin L (ca) wrote: Really good movie...pretty horrifically realistic too

Alec B (ru) wrote: It's a weird mishmash of cynicism and sentimentality . . . If the narrative stuck with it's original bleak structure instead of turning into a love story with a happy ending I might have liked this more.