Staub auf unseren Herzen

Staub auf unseren Herzen


Directed by Hanna Doose. With Susanne Lothar, Stephanie Stremler, Oskar Bökelmann, Michael Kind. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Augustine J (us) wrote: Art direction, cinematography and screenplay was very superb.The wetness in most of the movie gives a pleasant feel to each frame.Wonderful acting from all lead actors, especially Aadhi's before & after acting was fantastic.The movie does somewhat seem to slow down after the interval.Ending could have been better.Overall a very good movie.

Joe E (au) wrote: Honestly? The movie wasn't half bad. It WAS wierd, and very strangly acted and played out. With some very strange things attached to the ideas that this film kind of offers to you, the movie just screams every perverse thing you could possibly think of. The movie just had some very wierd scenes and how it ended up playing out....well i'll let you decide. Worth a view, but like Hupperts Piano Teacher it's just really wierd to watch. Good but not great either.

Jamie C (nl) wrote: I really wanted to hate this film as I can't stand films like this and Jack Black isn't a good actor to me, But I hung in there and as much as it pains me to say it's not half bad, It's funny ish and has a good feeling to it, But I won't be watching it again anytime soon.

alli b (es) wrote: This is really suspenceful!

Giorgos T (it) wrote: The animation is wonderful in its simplicity and the story is also brilliant. One of the greatest animated films of all times.

Johnathon W (nl) wrote: Hilarious horror comedy that makes the perfect end to the "Evil Dead" trilogy in all its forms. Bruce Campbell is at his absolute best as Ash, playing his arrogance & stupidity to brilliant effect while pulling off also playing 'Evil Ash' and even a bunch of miniature ones. Like in "Evil Dead II", the best parts are always Ash by himself, and here he takes it to the next level, so much so that the rest of the cast is overshadowed (even future Oscar nominees Embeth Davidtz). Behind the camera, Raimi crafts a hilarious fantasy that pokes fun at the genre & films that came before. The gags are fast & ingenious (seeing Ash fighting a bunch of tiny versions of himself is one of the best moments of the series) while the special effects team bring the world to life (the skeleton army is brilliantly cheesy). While not a perfect combination of horror & comedy that "Evil Dead II" is, this is a plain fun movie from beginning to end, and for the record, I prefer the happier ending.

Seth Y (ag) wrote: Classic 80's horror film from the master himself, John Carpenter.

Donald (gb) wrote: one of my fav war movies

Kenneth L (au) wrote: A pleasant farce, sort of Diet Mel Brooks. Gene Wilder and Donald Sutherland really give two performances each, so I guess that makes for four funny leads. Hugh Griffith is sympathetic as a hapless King Louis XVIII, and Billie Whitelaw is quite good as a brazen hussy version of Marie Antoinette. There is also a humorous little cameo by Orson Welles. The set-up is clever, and the mistaken identities and various conspiracies become unfollowable after a while, but that's no problem - the characters can't figure it out either. It appears to have been shot on location in the real palaces of France, so the sets literally could not be more authentic. Both Sutherland and Wilder went on to much better movies (M*A*S*H*, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles), but this little movie was an entertaining early effort.

Espen N (ag) wrote: Carl Th. Dreyer??s last film is a story of love affairs. As in Henrik Ibsen??s famous play ??A Doll??s House??, a bourgeoisie woman is fed up with many years of marriage, and drops everything to search for love. An event like this sets off the film, and quickly Gertrud Kanning is no longer in a static environment, and as an independent woman, not so proud and certain of herself, as we expected her to be. Many films have been made around failures of marriage and separation, but as a film; 'Gertrud' reflects the uncertainty of love, and if one can really control it. Dreyer??s previous film ??Ordet?? is strikingly similar in style and monotonous tone. Long takes, which almost never is up close to the characters. Music is shy, and so is the variety of Dreyer??s cinematic expression. Actors walk into a scene, and walks out when it ends, just like theater. This may affect a restless viewer??s patience, but I did not feel impatient. Except for the young musician whom Gertrud Kanning falls in love with, and besides wearing tuxedoes for the most part, the upper-class men in this film are depicted as stiffed backs, cultured, and limited in the sense that their behavior is constructed by heavy social norms. Women are viewed as a much-desired necessity, next to a highly respected job and a huge house. I didn??t like how the men feel blank, emotionless and less physical, than in films by Luis Buuel for example, where upper-class men usually are flawed or inflicted by much harm, but always stay courageous and vital. It??s seems absolutely understandable for a woman like Gertrud Kanning to break free from it all, but at the same time is she able to endure a totally different and less ??privileged?? life without a safe routine?

Charles P (de) wrote: Louis Feuillade's astonishing 6+ hour silent film, divided into ten chapters, ranks among the masterful pleasures of cinema - complex, mysterious, and damn good fun.

Jack W (au) wrote: Alien showcases expertly crafted suspense in a seamless blend of SCI-FI intruige and horror.

Tristan G (it) wrote: As a lover of martial arts movies this movie is a low budget gem. I didn't watch this movie for Oscar worthy acting, screenwriting and cinematography. I knew what I was getting into and I enjoyed the ride. The fight scenes are fantastic with the performers using a range of styles including a very good Drunken Boxing fight. Really enjoyed myself.

WK J (us) wrote: Far into the future [2001] astronauts from United Earth travel to the planet You're On Us only to be assailed by imaginary women, space quicksand, and the inevitable giant spider, not to mention a rat cyclops; all controlled by an evil brain.