Stay Cool

Stay Cool

The film centers on a successful author who is forced to confront an unrequited high school crush when he returns home to deliver a commencement address to graduating seniors. Shasta O'Neil, a sexy high school senior flirts with the visiting author and invites him to the prom.

An author who returns to his hometown to deliver a commencement address to a class of graduating high school students has to deal with his feelings for an old flame as well as the advances of a student who has the hots for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saamy N (es) wrote: Awesome Movie! Ajith has rocked in this film. Biggest hit of 2011.

Ryan M (au) wrote: Amazing CG and action. I'm not even a real fan of Final Fantasy, but this is how you do it.

Frances H (fr) wrote: This is really Ben Chaplin's movie. He comes across as such a charming dork, and his character and Nicole Kidman mach such a cute couple. Cute story.

Erik H (us) wrote: Loved it. Wonderful. Seems to share some similarities with Videodrome. Completely unlike what I was expecting. Such a beautiful world was crafted and I loved all the ambiguities and quirky bits. Flesh gun was A+ too. I'm thankful for movie experiences such as this.

Tom H (kr) wrote: good movie up until the end. the rapist really was an asshole, and it was good to see him suffer.

Nate W (gb) wrote: Roberto Rossellini followed up to his acclaimed war tragedy "Open City" with "Paisan", another multilingual neorealist film dealing with the impacts of war, albeit in a less conventional but highly expressive form. Told as a series of six unrelated vignettes concerning working class Italians and Allied soldiers during the liberation of Italy, "Paisan" presents the horror of war as a product of our inability to understand each other. Language barriers are a deadly obstacle here, and even those with the strength and heart to overcome it seemed doomed by the rest of the world's nearsightedness. The episodic structure of the film unfortunately stunts our emotional engagement. It's hard to feel for characters we don't even get a chance to properly know (and are poorly acted to be perfectly honest), but by the end of the picture this emotional void is filled by the statement these six mini-movies make as a whole; a lingering damnation and lamentation of our society's hopelessness.

Aaron G (gb) wrote: A movie that isn't the slightest bit "relevant" in terms of necessary viewing, but it's still well-done, looks gorgeous, has a knockout cast (Brendan Gleeson is exceptionally great), and has a love story that surprisingly didn't make me want to vomit.